Car Scrapping Trends for 2024

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When you scrap your car, it has to be legally scrapped by an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). This means that the vehicle has all of its hazardous materials removed and that any parts that can be salvaged and reused can be recycled. The process is safe, ethical and legal.

On average in the UK, roughly 1.4 million cars are scrapped each year, with approximately 85% of UK scrap cars being successfully recycled and used.

A scrap car being held by a claw in a scrap yard

These stats were published by Autocar, and detail the total units sold from January to October. These are not dissimilar to the makes we saw top of the list back in 2020, and so previous trends are a good indicator of future car scrapping trends.

  1. Ford Focus – 42,637
  2. Vauxhall Astra – 35,578
  3. Vauxhall Corsa – 34,405
  4. Ford Fiesta – 32,935
  5. Volkswagen Golf – 25,903
  6. Vauxhall Zafira – 16,898
  7. Renault Clio – 15,955
  8. Ford Mondeo – 14,218
  9. Volkswagen Polo – 13,722
  10. BMW 3 Series – 13,642

Most Popular Car Colours

Grey is the most popular colour of car, followed closely by black and white, while yellow and bronze are the least favourite amongst motorists. A total of 397,197 grey cars were registered in 2020 – making up 24.3 percent of 2020’s new models. On the other hand, red cars saw a steady decrease in 2020, with sales figures dropping below 200,000 for the first time in over 10 years.

While grey was the most popular car for both petrol and diesel motors, electric vehicles were more popular in white and plug-in hybrids were more popular in black.

The colour of a car is one of the deciding factors when it comes to purchasing. But does colour play a part in scrapping? The most scrapped colour of car in 2020 was blue, followed by silver, black and grey. See the top 7 colours below.

Top 7 Colours Scrapped in 2020

  1. Blue
  2. Silver
  3. Black
  4. Grey
  5. Red
  6. Green
  7. White

Where Does Scrap Go?

Over 85% of a car or van can be recycled, with many metals going on to be used within other vehicles, or materials for construction. Parts that can be reused such as engines and gearboxes are removed – these can be in high demand within the second hand market. Then any parts which can be scrapped are recycled, this includes: metals, glass and rubber.

Once all of the removable parts which can be recycled or reused are taken out, the shell of the vehicle can be crushed down and sent to various recycling centres for the metal content. Producing new metals from scratch can be time consuming and much more expensive than recycling material. Plus, not to mention it’s quicker and better for the environment! Different materials can be recycled and reused for many different things, continue reading below.

  1. Steel & Iron–  Approximately 60% of a passenger vehicle is made up of steel and iron. Steel resists bacterial growth, so recycled stainless steel is great for making surgical instruments, cutlery and kitchenware. Recycled steel can also be used within vehicles and construction materials and products.
  2. Copper – A soft metal which is cheap to recycle. Copper is a lightweight, durable metal that can be made into pots and pans for cooking, and can also be used within pipes and electrical wiring. Copper is a great conductor for electricity as it can conduct high heat.
  3. Aluminum – Recycling aluminum only takes 5% of the energy that would be needed to source new aluminum, so it’s a great metal to recycle. Recycled aluminum is typically used for the same products, including: cars and vans, wheels, engines, various kitchenware and high voltage power lines.
  4. Rubber – Disposing of tyres correctly is essential as they can emit dangerous fumes if handled irresponsibly. Recycling tyres is the best way to dispose of them. Old tyres can be recycled and used within tarmac on roadbeds, racetracks and also children’s playgrounds.
  5. Glass – The great thing about glass is that it can be continuously reused, from windows to kitchenware, filtration, tiles and can even be recycled and used within sand and concrete.

Did you know that each year scrap metal buyers divert roughly 145 million tons of material from entering landfill, and recycle them and keep them in production!

Aluminium from scrapped cars

Why Do Cars Get Scrapped?

Cars get scrapped for a number of reasons, sometimes it’s because they are too expensive to run and maintain, and other times it’s because they are broken or have been damaged or written off in an accident. Sometimes motors get scrapped simply because they are unused and unwanted, or a quick, easy solution is needed to get rid of an old, rusty non-starter. Cars get scrapped because it’s a sure way to let go of a vehicle, while also having the opportunity to make some extra money. Scrapping takes the hassle out of searching for a private buyer or fair deal – companies like National Scrap Car make it easy, offer top prices and free collection, scrapping is a great solution to your car troubles!

Whether you have a BMW, Audi, Ford, Citroen or Fiat, National Scrap Car’s buyers are ready to offer you a top price for it. If you no longer need or want your motor, you could generate some extra profit by scrapping it.

Future of Car Scrapping

Recycling is in demand, particularly within the automotive industry. As scrapping vehicles becomes increasingly popular, the more sustainable the sector will be, with millions of cars being stripped for parts and recycled. Scrapping is environmentally-friendly, as more materials are being kept in circulation rather than new materials being needlessly produced. The more we can reduce our waste, the better effect it will have on the environment.

Plus, as of 29th August, the Mayor of London launches a new 2023 scrappage scheme. The goal for this £110m scheme is to provide financial relief to London residents who will have to scrap their cars in line with the ULEZ roll-out across all London boroughs. If you find out that you are eligible for the scheme,  we can help you with the next steps to scrap your car in London.

Car Scrappers Near Me

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