Find the Best Scrap Car Prices in the UK

There are several different factors that decide the value of a scrap car. The first and foremost is weight of your car. The reason for this is that if there are no salvageable parts then the value of the metal is the biggest contributor. The heavier the car, the greater the scrap value. 

Some cars will be more valuable due to the make, model and engine. These factors make it worth more for a collector, and in turn, will be worth more for you to sell.

Used car prices continued to rise rapidly throughout 2023, with the average price of a used car up 2.4% YoY in July. As demand continues to grow, it’s a great time to sell your old car for scrap. To get an instant valuation for your vehicle simply input your registration and postcode into the form above. Using this information we can offer you a guaranteed valuation for us to come and collect your car. 

The scrap car value calculator UK looks at the main factors affecting the price and using those can compare the values from a number of different car scrappers, ensuring you get the best price for your scrap car.

The weight of the vehicle – the greater the weight, the greater the value.

The vehicle make – certain makes of vehicle will be worth more than others.

The vehicle model – as with makes, certain models will be worth more than others.

The condition of the vehicle – if a vehicle has salvageable parts or could be repairable, it’s value will be higher.

A scrap car being held by a claw in a scrap yard

The price of scrap metal will affect how much money it’s worth. This price fluctuates throughout the year as can be seen from the scrap car value table below.

Will I really receive the scrap value I’m quoted for my car?

All of our offers are protected prices. This means that we cannot barter upon collection and the price we quote is indeed the price we pay. Please be as thorough as possible when telling us about the condition of your car, as we can only price the vehicle accurately if we get the correct info the first time.

How much does it cost to scrap a car?

The process involved in scrapping a car is free to the vehicle owner. Once you decide you want to scrap your car, you can enter your details to receive a quote for how much money you can get. A collector will then agree to pick up your car for free and once it has been collected, you can sit back and wait for your payment into your account.

How do you know how much my car is worth?

Values do fluctuate but we use our expertise and the current going rates for steel worldwide in order to decide what the fairest price we can offer you for your car is, whether it’s in scrap or salvage value. Salvage cars will be priced based on current demand for parts and any specialist interest. Learn about the scrap and salvage differences in our dedicated post. 

Plus, the condition, make and model of your car will play a factor in determining the price. Not to mention certain parts of any car are worth more than others, simply due to the demand and the fact that these parts can be expensive to replace. Here are some examples, so take note and keep these car parts in tip-top condition, if you can:

  • The engine. No surprises here, but it’s worth specifically calling out the alternator, the ECU and the radiator which are all crucial parts of any engine.
  • The clutch. Such a key mechanism for any car, it’s important to pay for essential repairs quickly to ensure your clutch is in good condition when you come to part with your car. Little things like this can help your car fetch a higher price.
  • The airbags. Essential for safety, you’ll want to keep these maintained anyway, but keeping them in good working order has the added bonus of contributing to your car’s final scrap value too.

Can you pay me in cash?

No, as per The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. The government passed this act to prevent rogue traders from metal theft – a crime that costs the UK economy nearly £220 million per year. You can rest assured that with this act, comes more peace of mind for you. All scrap metal dealers are verified and licenced.

A scrap vehicle loaded on the back of a flatbed

What if I can’t be around for the collection?

Don’t worry. If you instruct us to deal with a friend or a relative at your property instead, we’ll be able to take your car and give your payment to them to look after until you return.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. We pay you the fee we’ve quoted for your car and that’s it. Meanwhile, we’ll swiftly take care of all of the required administrative tasks.

The chart below shows the historic values by month since January 2017. It also shows both the low and high range amounts, which became available in May 2020.

Historical Scrap Car Price Graph – January 2017 – March 2024

These prices are based on data from LetsRecycle and shows the scrap car price per ton monthly from January 2017 . The data clearly shows the value fluctuating over this time, a testament to the different factors that contribute to how much a scrap car is worth.

The ferrous scrap metal prices per ton for cars in January 2024 has seen a very minor rise on the previous month, and the overall upward trend from August 2022 has continued. There is quite a range between the low and high price, making it even more important to get the best quote when scrapping your vehicle.

Month / Year Car Scrap value Per Tonne (£)
March 2024 £150-165
February 2024 £165-190
January 2024 £170-195
December 2023 £150-195
November 2023 £140-185
October 2023 £135-170
September 2023 £140-170
August 2023 £140-150
July 2023 £135-150
June 2023 £150-165
May 2023 £145-160
April 2023 £165-180
March 2023 £180-205
February 2023 £175-200
January 2023 £170-195
December 2022 £155-185
November 2022 £155-185
October 2022 £160-195
September 2022 £155-185
August 2022 £155-185
July 2022 £140-170
June 2022 £130-160
May 2022 £180-200
April 2022 £185-220
March 2022 £185-230
February 2022 £170-200
January 2022 £165-195
December 2021 £170-195
November 2021 £170-195
October 2021 £175-195
September 2021 £165-185
August 2021 £160-185
July 2021 £160-180
June 2021 £160-170
May 2021 £145-155
April 2021 £135-140
March 2021 £140-145
February 2021 £120-135
January 2021 £135-145
December 2020 £110-120
November 2020 £90-100
October 2020 £85-95
September 2020 £85-97
August 2020 £75-90
July 2020 £65-75
June 2020 £67.50
May 2020 £55
April 2020 £50
March 2020 £55
February 2020 £72.50
January 2020 £87.50
December 2019 £77.50
November 2019 £70
October 2019 £55
September 2019 £65
August 2019 £87.50
July 2019 £90
June 2019 £95
May 2019 £95
April 2019 £99
March 2019 £100
February 2019 £95
January 2019 £85
December 2018 £97.50
November 2018 £109.50
October 2018 £107.50
September 2018 £107.50
August 2018 £108.50
July 2018 £112
June 2018 £107
May 2018 £105
April 2018 £105
March 2018 £112.50
February 2018 £102.50
January 2018 £107.50
December 2017 £102.50
November 2017 £82.50
October 2017 £82.50
September 2017 £90
August 2017 £82.50
July 2017 £67.50
June 2017 £67.50
May 2017 £67.50
April 2017 £70
March 2017 £80
February 2017 £60
January 2017 £77.50