Scrapping a car for the best possible price:

What are the advantages of scrapping a car?

By scrapping your car, you not only stand to gain a generous sum of money, but you make a positive contribution to the environment when doing so too.

How do I book my car in for scrapping?

Let us know the registration number of the car and its general condition. After accepting a quote on our website or on the phone, we’ll send a collector around at a time that suits you. It’s as simple as that.

What about the paperwork?

All the paperwork you need to sign is completed upon collection of your car. We’ll sort everything out for you, barring one simple slip that you’ll need to send to the DVLA yourself. Scrapping a car can be a very straightforward and rewarding process.

Will scrapping my car benefit the environment?

Yes. Not only can parts be sourced from it to be used by others, the recycling process that occurs afterwards can even lead to the metal being used for new cars. There are now many incentives to scrapping a vehicle, as more and more drivers are encouraged to do so in order to move on to newer cars– which in turn are more energy-efficient and economic than ever. If cars aren’t disposed of properly they can have very damaging effects upon the environment. However, a reputable scrap yard will allow you to recycle up to 98% of your car.