How to Scrap Your Car

Scrapping a car couldn’t be easier! Thanks to the power of the internet and handy online services, it can be a quick and stress free process. Usually only taking minutes of your time to arrange and very often vehicles can collected within hours or days, all depending on your convenience. Find all the details you need below in our handy guide.

5 step scrap car collection process

Where Can I Sell A Car For Scrap?

Selling a car that’s not in good condition might sound like an impossible task, but there are people out there who will buy your old motor.

  • Car scrap/salvage yards – A car scrap yard will buy your old car to strip for parts and re-sell or recycle what they can. Be sure to use an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) to ensure all recycling is monitored by The UK Environmental Agency.
  • Scrap metal yards – These buyers are less interested in your vehicle & its surviving parts, and more interested in the raw metal. The price they offer will be based on current market value of scrap metal.
  • Online scrap car buyers – Online services are most peoples’ prefer option. The services will quickly look up your car details, and history, and provide you with the most cost effective way to get rid of an old car. A quote is free of course and can take as little a couple of minutes. Ready to go ahead already?

Exchanging keys having sold old car

Do I Need The Keys To Scrap My Car?

No, you can scrap your car without the keys. However, without the ability to start the car or even turn the wheel, specialised equipment may be needed to load your car or van onto the removal truck. Make sure you let the collector know this in advance. They will also need to see proof that you are the owner of the vehicle.

What Documents Do I Need To Scrap My Car?

The following documents will allow you to get the best price for you vehicle and ensure the smooth collection of your old car or van:

  • The vehicle’s V5C log book.
  • At least one form of photo identification.
  • Any vehicle service/MOT/maintenance history.
Don’t have a copy of the log book? National Scrap Car can still help. For more info on scrapping a car without the V5C read our guide.

How Much Will I Get For My Scrap Car?

The all-important question! The price varies from vehicle to vehicle, based on weight, condition, age, make and model, but what we can do is get you a quote in seconds using just your car or van’s registration number and your postcode. Then once you’re happy and the quote price and the motor has been collected, you’ll have the money paid directly into your bank account the very same day.

Bear in mind that if you still have an outstanding finance balance on the vehicle, you’ll need to pay it off before you can sell it as scrap. On the other hand, you may be entitled to a car insurance refund that will offset any finance settlements and boost what you get for your scrap car!

Expert Tip
An advisor is only able to go on what you tell them about your car. To get the best price – you want them to have a salvage yard interested in your car, rather than just the scrap price for the metal. Once you have your online quote completed, an advisor will call you to discuss. Don’t over-look this call as it can result in the quote being increased. Get Your Scrap Car Quoted For Today

How Should I Prepare My Car To Be Scrapped?

You’ve accepted an offer, arranged the collection of your car, and gathered the required paperwork. All that’s left to do is the final preparations of the vehicle before the van arrives.


  • Ensure it’s in a location that’s accessible for the collector’s large truck. If it’s not, tell us as soon as possible.
  • Tidy it up a bit inside. It doesn’t need to be clean, but it shouldn’t be filled with rubbish either. 


  • Try to empty your fuel tank. This is incredibly unsafe and should be done by professionals, who are only going to dispose of it anyway – it won’t be reused.
  • Remove the wheels, as the car should be able to roll (or at least be dragged) onto the truck. If your car cannot roll, tell us as soon as possible.
  • Remove any other parts, because the price you accepted was for the car as a whole – or at least as you described it at the point of receiving your quote. Should you remove the catalytic converter, for example, your price may have to be altered.
For a more detailed description of how to prepare your car before scrapping click here.

The Car Scrapping Process

By this point, the car is no longer your concern. But, so you’re totally aware of the entire process, here’s what the buyer does with it once it arrives at their Authorised Treatment Facility.

  • Depollution – The vehicle will be drained of any fluids like fuel & oil. These fluids will then be safely disposed of so that they not only do no harm to the environment, but can also be recycled.
  • Tyre recycling – The rubber in a car’s tyres doesn’t go to waste. It’s recycled and repurposed, often being used as soft flooring like you’d find at a children’s outdoor play area!
  • Crushing – Once your car has been stripped of any parts that can be salvaged for reuse as they are, the remaining bits will be crushed. The metal your motor is made from is very valuable to scrap buyers.
Read more: Everything you needed to know about the vehicle recycling process.

CoD and DVLA forms

Once the vehicle has been disposed of, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) which proves that it has been scrapped.

You then need to use the 11 digit reference number on your V5C log book to inform the DVLA that the car or van has been scrapped. It’s incredibly important that you do not forget – we will gladly help fill in other paperwork, but this must be done by you.

Read more: How to fill out your V5C log book when scrapping a car.

Get a Scrap Car Quote

That’s it – there’s nothing left to do except to get a free quote for your old scrap car. Use the link below to tell us your location and reg number. We’ll will do the rest!