We have a huge database of buyers including a scrap car dealer local to you.

At National Scrap Car, we only work with the most reputable car buyers and expect them to keep to the highest standards. Because we know that no one likes waiting around at home when they have other demands to attend to, we offer to schedule the collection of your car at a time that suits you, and will always ensure that your booking is conducted in a professional and courteous manner. Whilst some of our competitors may try to trick you into accepting the lowest price possible, our car scrappers pay the highest prices possible for your car. We have scrap car buyers everywhere so matter where you live, you’re able to transform your unwanted car into a vast sum of cash. If you’re car still has life in it, but not enough to permit a new MOT, we can still find a buyer that you can sell your MOT failure to as there are always investors looking to make use of the various components of your unwanted car.

Making sure you pick the best scrap car dealer

If you’ve recently bought a new car, or are looking for a handful of cash to perhaps book a holiday or maybe make home improvements with, don’t let your car go for nothing when you don’t need to. There’s value in every car even if it’s no longer fit for the road. Whilst some car scrappage firms cut corners when it comes to the legalities they must adhere to, we stick rigidly to what it expected of us both legally and environmentally. We’ve got all the relevant licences needed to offer a high-quality service that never lets its standards drop. Don’t accept anything less than the best prices for your van, car or motorbike.