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Choose National Scrap Car to get the highest possible price for your vehicle. You won’t pay a penny to scrap your cars with us, and no matter where you live we can guarantee to match you up with a nearby buyer happy to exchange your motor for the sum that you deserve. Transactions are swift, with the price you’re quoted on the phone or by e-mail being the price you’ll receive – it won’t be renegotiated upon collection. Our buyers are required to stick by our strict set of customer-friendly guidelines, collecting your vehicle at a time that suits you, making us one of the most trustworthy and reliable ‘scrap my car’ services around. What’s more is that you can relax safe in the knowledge that our ‘car scrap’ service is completely eco-friendly, with only government-approved recycling facilities being used.


Our Scrap Car Comparison Service

Stick with one of the most organised and professional car scrap comparison services around and put your mind at rest. The process couldn’t be simpler – We will compare all your local options for scrapping your car. Then minutes later, you receive quick and free online quote from us, agree to it and we’ll ensure that the transaction is completed as soon as possible. Also, it’s not just unwanted cars we deal with – we’ll also pay the highest rates for scrapping vans and motorbikes too.

UK-Wide Scrap Car Collection

At National Scrap Car we provide scrap car removal services the length and breadth of the UK. we have partnered with hundreds of local and national scrap yards who bid for your car, giving you the most competitive price for your scrap car. Where possible your car will be scrapped with an authorised local scrap dealer who will recycle your vehicle in line with national recycling legislation.

Our network of scrap car dealers will pick up your vehicle at a convenient time for you and directly from your driveway or a place of your choosing. From the highliands of Scotland, to the counties of Northern Ireland, all of Wales and up and down England we provide nationwide coverage.

Scrap Your Car throughout the UK

Easy and Reliable Car Scrappage Services

Car scrappage with us is based around the requirements of you, the customer. Our price comparison engine lets you choose the best price from a number of bidders for your scrap car. In some circumstances we can offer more than simple scrap prices if your vehicle is deemed salvageable. Our expert scrappage staff then confirm your details and the car’s details before pickup is arranged. You can ask any questions, whether it be about the scrappage process, paperwork or options available.

Car compound for scrap metal recycling viewed from above

Why Scrap Your Car With Us?

When you decide to look for a scrap car service, it’s important to make sure that all the legalities are looked after. Enlist the services of a less-than-reputable cars for scrap service and you risk paperwork not being filled in, dealing with an unlicensed service and waiting around as drivers don’t arrive at your door on time. When scrapping a car you want a professional service that is both easy and transparent. Better yet, you want to ensure you get the best possible price for your scrap car. There’s no price negotiation or upselling, the price is agreed in advance and we make payment to you the same day the car is picked up.

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Scrap Car Paperwork

Aside from making sure you get the best price for your scrap car, there is also some paperwork that needs completing. This is to ensure the process is legal, documented and protects you as the consumer.

Before your car is scrapped it’s useful to find:

  • Photo ID
  • the V5C document (the car’s logbook)
  • the car’s registration document (V5C/2)

Can’t find these documents? Scrapping is still easy, but you will need to inform the DVLA that the car has been disposed of.

After the car has been scrapped, the scrap yard will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction (CoD). The CoD is issued by the DVLA to the scrap yard who will then send it to you in the post. It is then your responsibility to tell the DVLA that the car has been scrapped and you are no longer the owner.

lost v5c form

Recent customer reviews


Dubious that I would actually get what was offered over the phone as full payment not sent through until vehicle has been collected, however it was confirmed and all paid into account by end of the day of vehicle collection. Excellent service from initial contact through to payment. Thank you.


Really impressed with everyone we spoke to and the whole process from start to finish – within 2 working days the car was collected and money paid. No hesitation in recommending this company.


Highly professional and reliable company. Would definitely recommend their services without any hesitation.


Fantastic service would highly recommend this company, no hassle and communication every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is my scrap car worth?

    When a car is scrapped the price paid to the owner is mostly based on the car’s weight. Therefore bigger and heavier cars will be worth more than lighter and smaller cars. There may also be some regional differences in scrap car prices depending on where you are in the UK. If you car is bought for salvage, rather than scrapped and recycled, then your car is almost always worth more than the best scrap prices.

  2. Can I claim a car tax refund?

    When your car is scrapped you can claim back any unused car tax. You can claim back full months not yet elapsed from the last payment made for your vehicle. Car tax is not transferrable when you sell or scrap a car so scrapping sooner rather than later can get you more cash. Claim your tax back on the DVLA website.

  3. Are there any scrappage schemes available?

    As of 2024 there are some limited car scrappage schemes available in the UK. These offer cash/discount incentives on purchasing a new car, usually with fewer emissions and better environmental credentials. Schemes are either available by your location in the country or by your car manufacturer. However, do check your eligibility as there are strict limitations on most sche,mes.

  4. Can I scrap or sell a car on finance?

    Cars with oustanding finance are not easily scrapped as you might not be the actual owner of the vehicle. If you did want to scrap a financed car then you would need to pay any outstanding balance and inform the company who provided the car. If a car is salvaged then any amount we pay for the car can be used to offset the cost of the oustanding finance. Contact us for more details.