Why National Scrap Car?

Welcome to National Scrap Car, the UK’s premier marketplace for scrap and repairable vehicles. From Lands End to John o’Groats, our nationwide network of Authorised Treatment Facilities and Salvage vehicle buyers ensure that we are equipped to offer you the best possible scrap car prices.

  • FREE Collection
  • Full UK coverage
  • DVLA forms completed
  • Top prices paid & quote guarantee
  • Convenient collection times
  • Environment agency approved recycling facilities

We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to! Gone are the days when you would need to plough through the yellow pages, calling every scrap yard and breaker being put on hold for 10 minutes just in order to obtain the true car scrap value. Luckily, now with National Scrap Car’s network of collectors, one phone call will do it. Or better still; just fill in our online form for an instant quote. You can even accept the quote and book it in online.

Will you scrap my car for cash?

Handing over cash for scrap metal, including cars, can be illegal and offers consumers little protection. Our team pay securely via a bank transfer (BACS) on the day of your car’s collection. We have buyers for all types of vehicle, so whether your car is at the end of its life or you have a vehicle that is going to cost too much to get through its next MOT, we’ll have someone willing to pay great car scrapping prices for your vehicle.

Our Scrap & Salvage Services

Since 2013, National Scrap Car has offered its clients a trustworthy scrap car collecting service that is available throughout the UK. We offer our clients a free, quick automobile value with a guarantee on all of our quotes with just a postcode and registration number. Not only that, we provide a huge range of services from scrapping cars and vans for money, salvaging old vehicles and of course the nationwide collection. View some of our service below!

How To Scrap A Car

Step 1 – Enter your car registration.

Step 2 – We’ll send you an instant quote.

Step 3 – If you’re happy, accept our quote.

Step 4 – We collect your car for free, and pay you! The paperwork will be completed on the same day.

We have collectors that span the country. If your car is in London, for example, we have several collectors that are willing to collect for free. We work out which collector would be willing to pay the most, and quote you accordingly. 

Because we know that the cost of scrapping a car is a rate that is constantly fluctuating, our in house team monitor and update these prices on a daily basis. This way you can be assured that you are getting the best scrap car prices.

For more in-depth reading on the scrap or salvage process, check out our guides.

Scrap My Car

Pick National Scrap Car to sell your car for the most money possible. No matter where you reside, we promise that we can connect you with a local buyer willing to trade in your motor for the amount you are due. You won’t pay a cent to scrap your cars with us. Transactions happen quickly, and the price you are given over the phone is the price you will pay. 

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Scrap My Van

Do you own an old or damaged van that you no longer need? In the same way that vehicles are quoted, National Scrap Car can also quote vans. We collaborate with hundreds of knowledgeable buyers all across the nation that have a wealth of expertise and experience in purchasing and maintaining secondhand trucks, fleet vehicles, and commercial vans.

View Scrap Van Services


Scrap Car Collection

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for the most effective and accommodating scrap auto collecting service available. No matter how old or in what condition your car is, we can connect you with a nearby buyer.

View Scrap Collection Services


Salvage Cars

Simply said, salvage gives old cars new life when they could otherwise have ended up on the scrap yard. If the cost of the work itself is the only thing stopping you from fixing your car so that it runs again, it may be time to consider salvaging.

View Salvage Car Services


ATFs and Scrap Yards

All of our scrap car collections or specialist buyers are fully licenced and have to abide by our strict set of Collection terms and conditions. For you, the customer this means that you will benefit from the following promises –

> All collections will be made free of charge.

> All prices quoted are guaranteed prices paid upon collection.

> All DVLA forms will be filled out upon collection.


Scrap Car Comparison

By comparing prices from car scrappers around the country you’ll ensure you get the most for your old car. Make the comparison today by entering your registration and post code today and get the best scrap price. Find out what the latest car scrapping trends are too. Does your model make the top 10 list?

More cash in YOUR pocket

MOT failures can be expensive, and sometimes render a vehicle uneconomical to repair. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is ready to crush. By supplying us with all the relevant history on the car, we’ll be able to find the right buyer for you. This ensures that you end up with more cash in the pocket.

Sell My Damaged Car


My car was picked up exactly when I asked and the office team and driver were very helpful and friendly – very happy thanks.


I knew nothing about how to scrap a car so I called your office staff who talked me through the whole process. They were very polite and organised the collection of my car from my work place. Would definitely recommend to a friend.


After being messed around several times by local scrap merchants national scrap car came to the rescue. They paid a higher price and picked the vehicle up right away.


I had never scrapped a car online before and could not believe how easy it was. The guys at national scrap car we very helpful and had all the answers and paid exactly what they quoted.


National scrap car offered me the best price and organised collection the next day, thanks guys.