Scrap My Van for Cash

Have you got an old or broken van you no longer want? National Scrap Car can also quote vans in the same process cars are quoted. We work with hundreds of expert buyers across the country, all who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in buying and repairing used commercial vans, fleet vehicles and trucks. If you’re asking yourself, ‘how can I scrap my van online?’, you’ve come to the right place. Find out all about the process of van scrapping, plus find an expert buyer near you and see how popular your van is.

Scrapping a Van

In order to generate top scrap prices for your used van, we need your registration and post code. We’ll then bring competitive prices to you, so you can pick the top price. Once you’ve selected the best quote, your collection will be arranged when it suits you best. Our skilled buyers are able to collect your van from just about anywhere, whether it’s your driveway, side road, garage or somewhere different.

Before the collection takes place, you will need the following items:

  • ID
  • V5c
  • Vehicle keys
  • Any service or MOT history

Find out more about what documents do I need to scrap a car?

To get a quote for a fleet of commercial vehicles, contact one of our skilled advisors.

Salvaging a Van

Van salvage is an option for vehicles with parts of it still usable, our team of experts will be able to assist you if you think we can salvage your van.

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Scrap My Van Near Me

National Scrap Car can collect from anywhere across the UK. From collection in London, to Yorkshire, Cornwall to Kent, we have van buyers local to you ready to quote your vehicle.

Whether you’re in a built up area or somewhere tucked away, we can guarantee you top scrap van prices with free collection.

If you’re looking for van scrapping collection near you, get in touch with our team today or get your personalised van valuation in just 60 seconds.

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Van Scrap Value

The value of your van will depend on its weight, make, model and condition. Other factors include the current price of metal in the market. To find out what your scrap van is worth, enter your postcode and registration number into our instant quote calculator.

Scrap Van Value Calculator

Get an instant valuation for your old, damaged or broken van with just your postcode and registration number. National Scrap Car will generate the top prices available, with free nationwide collection.

To generate your quote and evaluate what your van is worth, the following factors have to be taken  into account:

  • The weight of the van – the greater the weight, the greater the value
  • The van make – certain vans will be worth more
  • The van model – certain models with be worth more
  • The condition of the van – if a vehicle has salvageable parts or could be repairable, the value will be higher

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Popular make and model

Whether you have a Ford, Citroen, Vauxhall, Ivecco or Volkswagen, National Scrap Car can offer you a free valuation, with top prices, guaranteed quotes and convenient collection at no extra cost.

The most common reasons for scrapping a van include: MOT failure, old and worn out, faulty parts, expensive repairs or engine failure. See below the top 10 scrap vans, both make and model:

Van Make Van Model
1. Ford Transit
2. Ford Transit Connect
3. Vauxhall Vivaro
4. Renault Trafic
5. Peugeot Expert
6. Citroen Dispatch
7. Mercedes Vito
8. Mercedes Sprinter
9. Citroen Relay
10. Fiat Scudo

Van Scrapping FAQs

What About the Transport for London Scrappage Scheme?

The Mayor of London put a variety of scrappage schemes in place, to help the motorists in London scrap their older, polluting vehicles in order to meet required emissions standards. While these schemes are currently suspended, if you are in the middle of the process to scrap a van you can still push your application forwards, and if you’re looking to sign up, you can find out more below and be prepared for when the schemes resume.

The scrappage scheme for vans and minibuses is helping to depollute London’s air. The scheme supports small businesses and charities, with 50 employees maximum. The objective of the scrappage scheme is to encourage drivers to replace their older vans which do not meet the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) emissions standards. The grant for a light van or minibus was £7,000 to purchase a replacement van, but your current vehicle must meet certain criteria.

What Types of Van are Scrapable?

Just about any type of van in any condition can be scrapped, here are some examples:

Unsure if your van is suitable for scrap? Get in touch to find out.

Can I Scrap My Van For Money?

Yes! There is no need to get rid of your motor for nothing when you could earn yourself a bit of extra profit from it. No matter how old your used van is, we’ll be able to match you up with local buyers and can provide a no-obligation quote and top scrap vehicle prices.

Is My Quote Really Guaranteed?

Yes! The quote you accept is guaranteed. This means that regardless of which way the metal market fluctuates, your quote is safe and is the price you’ll receive upon collection. In order to generate the best price for your van, please ensure you give us as much detail on the condition. 

What Documents Do I Need?

To scrap your van you will need:

  • A form of ID – driving license or passport
  • The vans V5c – also known as a log book
  • Any service or MOT history – not essential, but desirable

When Can You Collect My Van?

Your van will be collected on a day that is most convenient to you, you can arrange with the buyer for the best time to collect. We’ll collect from your driveway, garage, nearby road or any other accessible location. Plus, all of our collections are contact-free and free of charge. 

Who Will Collect My Van?

We work with professional, verified and trusted buyers, all over the UK. We work with both scrap and salvage buyers, so if you’re unsure if your vehicle is suitable for scrap, it could be salvageable. Our expert buyers are extremely knowledgeable, and are here to make the process run smoothly. You’ll receive personal support from start to finish, and our buyers will even give you a hand with the paperwork.

Do I Have to Pay Anything?

With National Scrap Car’s service, you won’t pay a penny to have your van taken away. There are no hidden charges and we will never try to negotiate on your quote – it’s a completely free service.

How Much is My Scrap Van Worth?

The value of your scrap van will depend on the weight, condition and age of the vehicle. If there are any parts on the van that can be salvaged then the value of the scrap metal is the biggest contributor. In general, the heavier the car, the greater the scrap value. However, some vans will hold more value than others, and this is due to the engine size, make and model, as well as the rapidly changing metal market. These factors make it worth more for a collector and in turn, make it more valuable to sell.

Find out how much your scrap van is worth in just 60 seconds – all we need is your postcode and registration number.