Scrap yards for all unwanted cars

When you scrap your car, it can often be taken to scrap yards that are not run legally or professionally. However, when you ask us to remove your car you can rest assured that only (ATFs) Authorised Treatment Facilities – are used after you’ve sold your scrap vehicle. We’ll remove any car and pay you the highest price that we can – meaning that even if your car has reached the end of its road life, this doesn’t mean that it no longer has value in it. We have a wealth of experience in car scrapping, and whilst others may cut corners, we’ll only ever deliver the highest standards when we help you exchange your vehicle for cash. Before your car reaches the scrap yards, we’ll also issue an official Certificate of Destruction and inform the DVLA that your car is no longer on the road and has been taken to a scrap car yard – failing to take this step could land you with an £80 fine, but we take care of all the relevant paperwork when we collect your car at a time that suits you, leaving no stone unturned.


Making use of local car scrap yards

We ensure that all waste is recycled, and that every aspect of our service is ethical and fully environmentally friendly. Don’t accept less than your car is worth even if it is no longer fit for the road – there are always components and materials within it that someone can make use of. As prices fluctuate all of the time we constantly keep our database up-to-date with current prices, allowing you to get the right price for your car before it reaches the car scrap yards.