We can guarantee the best car scrap value through our huge network of collectors

Will I really receive the car scrap value I’m quoted for my car?

All of our offers are protected prices. This means that we cannot barter upon collection and the price we quote is indeed the price we pay. Please be as thorough as possible when telling us about the condition of your car, as we can only price the vehicle accurately if we get the correct info the first time.

How do you know how much my car is worth?

Values do fluctuate but we use our expertise and the current going rates for steel worldwide in order to decide what the fairest price we can offer you for your car is, whether it’s in scrap or salvage value. Salvage cars will be priced based on current demand for parts and any specialist interest.

Can you pay me in cash?

Yes, many of our collectors do still pay in cash; however this is increasingly becoming less and less popular. The preferred method of payment from most of our collectors is via Instant bank transfer or by means of a business cheque. Please state preferred method when organizing a collection time.

What if I can’t be around for the collection?

Don’t worry. If you instruct us to deal with a friend or a relative at your property instead, we’ll be able to take your car and give your payment to them to look after until you return.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. We pay you the fee we’ve quoted for your car and that’s it. Meanwhile, we’ll swiftly take care of all of the required administrative tasks. All you’ll have to do is return one slip to the DVLA yourself. Get the best scrap car prices you can with us.