How Scrapping Cars Used to be

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How to tell the difference between legitimated and rogue scrap dealers.

In the days of old, if you wanted to scrap your vehicle you would contact the local scrap dealer who would turn up to collect it whenever he felt like it.  They would even charge you for the privilege of taking your car away.

Once they had possession of the car, they would sell off what bits and parts they could and crush the rest, dangerous fluids included.  They would then sell on the tons of scrap metal they accumulated.

They were on to a good earner, money from the car owner, money for the bits and pieces and money for the scrap metal.  There used to be a saying that you never saw a poor scrap metal man – no surprise really, they were the only one to make money out of your scrap car.

How scrapping a car has changed

Pile of scrap cars in a breakers yard

There are still car scrappers that try to trade in this way but as soon as the Environment Agency finds them they are closed down and prosecuted.  The whole process if much more environmentally friendly with up to 85% of a scrap vehicle being recycled or reused.

You should be aware of the rogue traders though and report them if you suspect some one is operating illegally.  Some of the ways you can tell are:

  1. At National Scrap Car we will not charge you a collection fee under any circumstances.  A rogue trader will say they do not charge and then when they turn up say sorry they have to.  Never a huge amount, just enough so that you think it is not worth arguing over.  They will deduct this from the amount they are paying you.
  1. National Scrap Car will guarantee your top price.  So will the rogue trader till he arrives and finds a tiny scratch on the wing mirror or a small tear in one of the seats.  Then he will want to reduce the price because of the damage.  You have to ask yourself, what does a bit of damage matter if the vehicle is being scrapped? But that is now two deductions they will make from the price they quoted you.
  1. The National Scrap Car drivers will help you fill in all the DVLA paperwork, including our name as the company responsible for the scrappage.  The rogue dealer will not want his name on anything and certainly not on anything official like DVLA documents.
  1. National Scrap Car will arrive when we have arranged at the place we have arranged.  They will arrive when it suits them, not when it suits you.
  1. National Scrap Car will issue you with an official DVLA Certificate of Destruction for a scrap vehicle.  The rogue trader will tell you they will put it in the post, you’ll receive it in a couple of days – rubbish, you will never hear from them again.
  1. National Scrap Car staff and collection agents will always be polite and friendly. Afraid we cannot guarantee that with a rogue trader, they may well not be so nice if you refuse to accept their reduced offer after they have turned up to collect the vehicle.

Don’t take the risk


It is not worth taking the risk one of losing money and two of falling foul of the law because of their dodgy dealings.

It is simple really, all you need do is contact National Scrap Car either by calling us on 0800 862 0958 or by completing your details online to get a free quote for your car.  One of our friendly and professional advisors will obtain the best price possible for your vehicle and answer any questions you may have about scrapping your car.