Why is the Number of Dumped Cars on the Increase?

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The number of cars being dumped has increased but there is an environmentally friendly and income generating alternative. 

The dumping of cars has increased mainly due to their owners not being able to afford the running costs but not realising there is a better way.  They are just trying to rid themselves of the nightmare of a car that is draining the bank balance and many of them do not know it is illegal.

The current recession has not helped, but put this together with the ever increasing costs of insurance, road tax, repairs and fuel and for some people the whole thing just becomes unaffordable.

The problems dumped cars can cause


Quite simply, dumped cars can be a danger in more ways than one.  They are often vandalised and set on fire.  This poses a problem for anyone close by and creates an eyesore for nearby residents.  Children can be tempted to play in vehicles that have been rendered unsafe by the vandals and of course there is always the possibility of the vandals themselves being injured by the dangerous fluids or the damage they have done to the car, such as broken glass.

The removal of a dumped car


Local councils usually have to foot the bill for removing dumped and abandoned cars, something that just stretches their purse strings even further. Informing them about an abandoned vehicle can usually be done through their main switchboard or with some of them it can be done on their website.

If the owner is traced, they may well have the cost of removing the dumped car passed onto them as well as a visit from the local constabulary.

Why you should not dump your car


Firstly it does not make economic sense to dump your car when for the sake of one phone call it could be collected from wherever you want, whenever you want and you can be paid for it.  Not only that, everything would be done legally and there would be no repercussions for you to face, no policemen knocking your door.  Just make that one phone call to National Scrap Car and they will sort the rest.

The other main reason for not dumping your car is the environment.  Official figures show that in the UK over 2 million cars a year reach the end of their lives and should be disposed of properly to avoid an environmental disaster.  Scrap cars have dangerous fluids in them that need handling in the proper manner and just think how much dangerous fluid there would be in 2 million cars.

The same applies to tyres.  If there were not proper vehicle recycling facilities for the tyres there would be stockpiles of old rubber everywhere.  As it is the rubber is recycled and used for all manner of things, the soft surfaces in childrens playgrounds being just one example.

Some of the other parts within your car may be reusable, but even if they are not, the authorised treatment facility will ensure that your car is taken apart in a correct environmentally friendly way and the various materials within it sent to the right recycling plants.  For many materials, such as metal, it is cheaper to recycle them than to produce new.

Where to make that phone call to


Hopefully we have persuaded you to make that one phone call rather than dump your car – so now you need the number to find a car scrapper near you.  If you have any questions at all about the scrapping of your car then call the friendly advisors at National Scrap Car on 0800 86 20 958, and they will assist you all they can.