The Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

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Find out more about the environmental savings of scrapping your car with National Scrap Car. 

When National Scrap Car take your end of life vehicle (ELV) away, after all the parts that are re-useable and the dangerous fluids have been removed, the authorised treatment facility (ATF) that had handled the safe disposal of your car will crush the metal shell and send it to a metal recycling plant.

Making metal from scratch can be costly and time consuming, so recycling old metals can save:

  1. 40% of the water used
  2. 76 % of the water pollution caused
  3. 90% of the raw materials used
  4. 75% of the energy used in production
  5. 97% of the mining wastes
  6. 86% of the air pollution caused

These figures were produced by the US Environmental Protection Agency but relate to recycling metal the world over.

Scrap cars can be a large part of the recycling process, although a scrap UK train locomotive engine contains 100 tonnes of metal.  With cars in the UK it is the sheer numbers that contribute such a large amount, over 2 million are scrapped every year.

The environmental impact


As well as the savings for the environment shown above, just think how bad it would be if the cars were not recycled.  To cope with over 2 million every year there would have to be a scrapyard on every corner and what an eyesore that would be.

There would likely be dangerous fluids leaking from them which apart from entering our water systems and being hazardous to health, would be a huge fire risk as well. This is why it is so important to use a reputable car scrapper when scrapping your car.

The illegal waste sites

Illegal waste sites have little regard for the environment as a recent article on the BBC website showed.  This told of how the numbers of illegal sites forced to close has increased by 70%, some 1279 being shut down in the 2012/2013 year.  They reported that illegal waste sites have no regard for the environment and the way they handle such items as tyres can lead to serious pollution incidents.  In the same period, there were 171 prosecutions, 5 of which ended in custodial sentences.  One jail sentence in particular was because someone had set up an illegal waste site on the same land he had been prosecuted for using for the same purpose in 2007.

Be certain your ELV has been handled safely


You can be certain that at National Scrap Car we will ensure that your car is scrapped safely.  That your car will contribute to all the savings and not be a risk to people’s health and safety, and that is not all we will do.   We will also:

  1. Agree a top price with your for your vehicle which we will guarantee
  2. Arrange to collect your vehicle from anywhere in the UK
  3. Arrange to collect your vehicle at whatever time you want
  4. Not charge to collect your vehicle
  5. Help you to deal with all the necessary DVLA paperwork to ensure they know you are no longer responsible for the car

All you need to do is call one of our friendly advisors and give them a few details about your car so they can quote you a price.  If you are happy with the quote, then collection will be arranged. Before the car is collected you will need to empty it of all your personal effects, and remember that you should not cancel your insurance or road tax until the vehicle has been taken away.

The process could not be easier than when you use National Scrap Car to dispose of your end of life vehicle.