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Having a written off car in your possession is never ideal, and knowing what your options are can seem daunting. You could accept an offer from your insurance company, you could try and repair it, or find a buyer and sell it. One of your easiest, and quickest options could be to scrap it. Not only can National Scrap Car offer you a quote for your written-off motor, but our buyers specialise in scrapping damaged cars and vans, in a whole range of conditions. So not only can you find a buyer in an instant, you’ll still receive a top quote for it, potentially more than your insurance company is offering.

Accepting a buy back offer

There really is no such thing as a car with no value, no matter how old or damaged it is. It’s also worth remembering that you shouldn’t feel pressured to accept an offer, just because it’s from your insurance company. It’s wise to know what your options are, especially if you could get more money, and get rid of your vehicle with less hassle. To see how much you could get for your write-off, enter your postcode and registration number into the form below, and we’ll find you the top prices for your written-off car.

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What is an Insurance Write-off?

An insurance write-off is a term used for a vehicle that has sustained so much damage that the vehicle is either deemed as too costly to repair, or past the point of repair. An insurance company will assess the damage and assign it a category. The write-off categories are A, B, C, D, S and N – each title reflects a different level of damage, as well as the options for that vehicle. These categories act as a title for the vehicle, to enable mechanics, specialists and any future buyers to understand the level of past damage, and give an insight into the vehicle’s history. To read more and find out what the different categories mean, read our blog on insurance categories explained. A smashed car requiring a scrap car service

What is Insurance Buy Back?

If you have been in an accident and your insurance company feels that the total cost of repairing your motor to a roadworthy condition is higher than the original value of the vehicle before the accident, then the insurance company will offer you a price to buy it back off of you. It’s important to stay alert and keep your eyes out for car insurance fraud too, so be sure to read our guide to spot a scam insurance company.

Write Off Categories

There are a number of different write off categories to be aware of. We’ve written a deep dive on write off categories, so be sure to give it a read for more info. Read on a for a quick intro into what each category is for.

What is a category N write off?

Category N is for any vehicle that has non-structural damage. This can be anything from faulty seats, and water damage to engine issues. This means the car is likely eligible for repair.

What is a category S write off?

Category S is for any vehicle that has structural damage. This can be anything from damage to the suspension to damage to the rear or car sill damage. With category S, the vehicle may still be repairable for return to the road.

What is a category B write off?

Category B is for any vehicle that is considered damaged beyond repair. This will mean the vehicle is no longer roadworthy. However, parts may be salvaged before the car is destroyed.

What is a category D write off?

Category D is no longer used. This category was replaced by category N, for vehicles that have non-structural damage and may still be considered safe to drive.

What is a category C write off?

Category C is no longer used. This category was replaced by category S, for vehicles that have structural damage and may or may not go on to be roadworthy – it all depends on the repairs carried out.

What Happens if I Write my Car Off?

The first step is to find out officially if the car is written off. This will be done through your insurer. Once your car has been declared a write-off, the insurer will be in touch to offer a settlement fee. Most people tend to put this towards the cost of a new car. You don’t have to accept the settlement fee, and can instead buy back the write-off to then scrap your car. Some insurers offer low settlement fees, so it’s always worth your time to contact us and find out what sort of price you could get for scrapping your car instead.

If my Car is Written Off, Can I Keep It?

Yes, if your vehicle is classed as a category S or category N write-off, you would be in a position to buy it back from your insurer and keep the car. We recommend telling your insurance company straight away if this is your chosen course of action.

Can I Buy my Car Back from the Insurance Company?

The short answer is, yes, you can buy your car back from the insurance company. Just make sure you let them know as soon as possible to start the process of buying back your written-off car.

Can I Get Insurance for a Written Off Car?

Getting insurance for a written off car should not be a problem, as long as the adequate repairs are made to deem the vehicle roadworthy. You can also choose to SORN your car if you’ve not renewed your insurance or tax and plan not to use it for the foreseeable future.