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If you’re looking to sell a salvage car, it is important to know specific information about your vehicle which will help determine how much money you could receive. Furthermore, many customers often get confused by the meaning of car salvage when compared to scrapping a car for money. Therefore it is important to accurately ensure which one you are after.

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Difference between Salvage Car and Scrap Car

Salvage Vehicle

Salvage is the term used to describe damaged vehicles that have been deemed too expensive to repair as it often exceeds the car’s value. This consideration is made by the insurance company who will decide if the car is to be written off and therefore no longer able to be on the road.

damaged bmw for potential salvage

If your car is declared as salvage you’ll receive an insurance settlement for its scrap value. While it’s always important to know how much your car is worth, be sure you know what qualifies as salvage by reviewing the following factors:

  • Vandalism – If someone was to vandalise your car for example by spray painting it, or ‘keying’ the car body (depending on the level of severity) could result in a car salvage.
  • Weather Damage – Flooding and hail stones can cause a car to become a salvage
  • Stolen Vehicle recovery – if a vehicle gets found from being previously stolen then the insurer can sell the vehicle to a salvager for free.
  • Collision – if you get into a car crash and there is considerable damage to your car then this may also result in your car being classed as salvage.

You can learn more about the differences between scrap and salvage in our dedicated post. 

Scrap Vehicle

In comparison, a scrap car is referred to as an ‘end of life vehicle’ typically one that is older than 10 years and therefore gets either reused for spare parts or recycled for the value of raw metal.

Common reasons to scrap your car:

  • Car no longer safe to drive
  • Not efficient on fuel
  • Part Exchanging for a newer car
  • Looking to make some money
  • Repair costs outweigh the value of the car

Can you drive a car with a salvage title?

Yes, you are allowed to drive a salvage car but you must make sure the vehicle is registered as a salvage and you acquire the appropriate insurance for it.

How do I determine the salvage value of my car?

In order to work out how the salvage value of your car is calculated there are a few different considerations which help to determine this. First of all, the make and model of the car will provide a rough estimate of how much money you could receive from selling your car as salvage. The two main determining factors is the age and condition of the car which will highlight it’s true value to buyers as to whether parts can be reused.

Car salvage value calculator

Here at National Scrap Car, we are often asked about how salvage car prices are calculated but this usually relies on a number of factors. One thing we do know is that the weight of your vehicle determines how much value it holds. The heavier the car, typically the higher the value will be as there is more scrap metal which may be able to be reused. If your car is potentially a write-off, we recommend using our insurance write-off calculator to help you make a decision for what to do next.

As mentioned, the make and model of your car help to determine how much salvage value your car has. You may also find with this factor that certain buyers are willing to pay more for a rare car model or one which is best particularly well with premium parts.

With all these different factors coming into play, this is where national scrap car can help simplify the process for you by providing an instant online quote. Simply enter your registration number and postcode, provide some contact details and we can get you the best price for your damaged car in the UK. If our price looks good, we then arrange to collect your vehicle. Simple, quick and hassle free!