How to Sell a Car With Gearbox Problems

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Driving along and dreading every gear shift should not be part of your motoring experience, so if you’ve got a car with gearbox problems, you’re going to want to know how to sort them, or get rid of the car entirely, as quickly as possible. National Scrap Car is here to answer any questions you may have, and show you what options are available to you when your transmission starts to struggle. Read on to learn about some of the most common issues, what damage they can cause, and how to get the very best price for a damaged car.

Example of Transmission Problems

Gearbox problems can hit as a result of a multitude of reasons, and there’s a range of symptoms to keep your eyes and ears open for. Here’s a few of the most common:

Burning Smell

If your nose is full of the acrid scent of burning, it’s rarely a good sign. If the smell seems to be emanating from your gearbox, then it could suggest that your transmission fluid is either running low or is overheating. The smell is a result of the fluid beginning to break down, as when new it has a tart, sweet aroma. A gearbox fluid flush should clear up this issue, but it’s important to get it sorted as soon as possible as prolonged usage could result in the fluid breaking down so much that it causes further, and more significant, damage. 

Clunking or Whining Noise

Clunking, whining, grinding and bumping are noises you really don’t want to hear coming from your gearbox. Unlike the burning smell, this one is slightly harder to diagnose and the severity of the issue could also vary considerably. It could be that you’re simply running low on transmission fluid, so a top-up or flush should help alleviate the problem. Alternatively it could be that your gear teeth or bearings are starting to wear down, and that will be a much more difficult (and pricey) fix. Either way, as always, don’t ignore it or it’ll only get worse. 

Gear Shift Issues

The primary function of a gearbox is to, obviously, change gears and if this is starting to become a bit laborious, then it’s probably time to get it looked at. Gear shifting should be seamless, and if it’s starting to feel like every time a gear change is made that you’re riding a bucking bronco, something’s clearly not right and you’ll need to take it to a garage as soon as possible before it becomes a potentially catastrophic issue. (It might be worth just ruling out a user issue before an embarrassing trip to a mechanic, though…)

Is it Worth Replacing Transmission?

Gearboxes, or transmissions, are not cheap, so working out if it’s going to be worth your time and, importantly, money is an important step before starting any work. If the cost of replacing the gearbox outweighs the value of your car, it may be time to say goodbye once and for all. By scrapping a car, you’re removing the issue entirely, as a scrap merchant isn’t going to mind if the gearbox works or not.

Scrap Your Car in Any Condition

If you’re looking to scrap your car as soon as possible, even with gearbox problems, then scrapping is absolutely the easiest, fastest and likely most lucrative option available to you. Here at National Scrap Car, we’re committed to finding you the very best price for your car, no matter its condition, whether there’s damage to the gearbox, engine or whatever else. By getting a free quote with accurate prices for your srap car, you’ll be given unbeatable quotes in as little as 60 seconds. All you need to do is give us your reg number and postcode, and with collections available up and down the country, your car will be gone before you know it. Get started today and find out just how much you could sell your scrap car for.

Transmission Problem FAQs

Of course there are some questions you may have that we have not yet covered above, so to ensure every eventuality is covered, we’ve put together a selection of some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to transmission problems below.

Can a Bad Alternator Cause Transmission Problems?

It might sound pretty far-fetched, but a dodgy alternator can certainly cause gearbox problems if you’re driving an automatic. Without the correct amount of power being provided to your transmission, it will be unable to shift correctly and could lead to rough shifts, or even stalling.

Can a Bad Battery Cause Transmission Problems?

Much like the alternator, if your battery isn’t working correctly then the power will not be provided adequately to the relevant areas. Again, if you’re driving an automatic car, then this is going to have an effect on the way your car changes gear.

Can a Bad Clutch Cause Transmission Problems?

The clutch controls gear changes in both manual and automatic cars, so an issue with your clutch is absolutely going to cause gearbox problems. Clutch issues can lead to poor shifting performance, slipping (where the RPM increases but the speed does not), overheating or even a total clutch failure, which in itself won’t be a cheap fix.

Can a Bad Coil Pack Cause Transmission Problems?

A bad coil pack is unlikely to cause problems with your car’s gearbox, but it may make you feel like it does. Coil pack issues could create a misfire, and the associated issues, including a far-from-smooth application of power, can make it feel like your gear shifts aren’t quite right.

Can a Bad Transmission Cause Engine Problems?

If your transmission is really playing up then there is absolutely the chance that it could end up causing engine problems further down the road. Difficulties with your gearbox are likely to put your car’s power unit under unwanted stress levels, and the more stress you put your engine under, the more likely it is to cause problems such as overheating. Transmission issues could also be the reason for your engine warning light to come on.