Should I Scrap or Repair my Car?

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What are the continued costs of keeping your car on the road?

The current economic climate means the financial aspect of scrapping a car is the main priority to many people. Modern scrapping techniques carried out by ATF’s (Authorised treatment facilities) mean that the amount you could get by scrapping your car is maximised. Many people with ELV’s (End of life vehicles) keep them running to avoid the cost of buying a new car. Here we will take a look at some of the key points when considering whether to scrap or repair.

Running costs vs replacing a car?

One big consideration is whether the continued cost of running an ELV will outweigh the cost of replacing it. Older vehicles provide much worse fuel consumption than newer vehicles. You must also consider what other potential problems are approaching for your car. If your car is shortly going to need major repairs then spending money keeping it running now may be a waste. Quite often buying a lower mileage more reliable make of car that is a similar age can be a step in the right direction.

What are the benefits of changing my car?

Changing your car can allow you to get a newer engine. With fuel costs very high this alone could make a big chunk of any outlay back in the first year alone. You may also opt for a smaller engine, giving even better economy, lower road tax, cheaper servicing costs and cheaper insurance.

Selecting a car that has a plentiful supply of second hand parts can help to keep any future costs to a minimum.

Repairing or scrapping?

Repairing – If you do decide to repair your car then be sure to use a reputable mechanic that comes recommended. It may also be worth asking the mechanic if he can see any future problems developing that could be costly. This should give you an idea of how much the car could potentially cost you in the near future.

Scrapping – The scrap car industry historically has a bad reputation. However, by using one of the new breed of companies which are motivated by environmental factors, ethical trading and customer service you will be much more likely to have a hassle free experience. Make sure any potential company will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction (CoD), the price they quote is guaranteed and they use an ATF.

Why use National Scrap Car?

Here at National Scrap Car we are part of the new breed of ethical car scrapper that’s committed to improving the image of our industry. We have provided scrapping services all over the UK and really know the importance of customer service. Our belief is that it is only by ensuring you’re completely satisfied can we achieve our goals and grow as a company. If you are considering scrapping your car then why not get in touch to get a no obligation quotation this will give you a much better idea of whether it is worth your while repairing or finally biting the bullet and changing it altogether. You may even be pleasantly surprised.