Save the Environment by Scrapping Non-green Old Cars

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With global warming becoming a major cause for concern, having you old unused car scrapped is the best way to contribute your bit towards the environment.  

Ever considered car scrapping for your old car? With global warming becoming a major cause for concern and with the Go-Green initiative becoming a necessity, having your old unused car scrapped is the best way to contribute your bit towards the environment.  Besides helping the environment, you would be able to earn a small profit from its disposal. And who wouldn’t like that as an incentive? Here we look at a few reasons why more and more people are opting to scrap their cars through reputable car scrapping professionals.

Scrapping an uneconomical car

Probably the most important reason for car scrapping is the fuel economy rate, with old models guzzling a lot of diesel or petrol regularly. Unlike old cars, new models make the most of the use of modern technology when it comes to saving on fuel costs. They help to economise on petrol costs and they are low on carbon emissions, which are a major contributor to global warming. If you want to be in sync and serve as an example to others in your community and neighbourhood, steer clear of vehicles that are heavy on fuel consumption.

As already touched on, one of the most negative aspects of using an old vehicle are the excessively high carbon emissions which not only damage the environment but also are very detrimental to our health! If these vehicles are used to commute to locations around your city, not only will they consume a very high volume of fuel but will also pollute the environment around – with pedestrians and other commuters having to breathe in the fumes.

Disposal of old cars

If we make a collective effort to dispose of old models that are not environment friendly, we will help to create a healthier and cleaner environment for all. Scientific research and data confirms the fact that technology used in modern cars helps to reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 30% in the atmosphere.

As well as the cost and environmental factors, using an old and out-of-date model does not really reflect well on our status in society! Having an old car that has had its fair share of dents and paint jobs is not exactly aesthetically pleasing and will make you feel out of place with the modern sleek models that are all around. The better alternative definitely is to consign any decrepit shabby old model to the scrap yard where it could be recycled and used to create something new.

Scrapping unreliable cars

Another aspect that cannot be overlooked is that driving an old car could lead to more frequent breakdowns – especially at crucial moments when we need to travel urgently! Having them attended to by a mechanic or towed to the garage frequently will set us back by a considerable sum and not only this, but getting authentic spares might pose challenges of their own. Most old models are not designed with passenger safety as a priority, either. In fact, this report suggested that driver fatalities are over 70% worse in early 1990s models.

If you take these factors into account, scrapping may well be something on your to-do list.