Guide To Selling Your Damaged Car

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After your vehicle has sustained damage, regardless of how it happened or whether the suffering is mechanical or cosmetic, you’re going to find the motor much more difficult to sell. If you’re trying to sell privately, you’ll probably need to knock a significant chunk of money off the fee that you’re hoping to receive, which means selling the car as scrap or salvage is likely to be the only way of receiving the kind of offer you wanted.

How Can I Sell My Damaged Vehicle?

Selling your damaged or broken down car is extremely easy with National Scrap Car. It can essentially be broken down into three steps, and our customers can complete each of them without ever leaving their home!

First of all, you can get a quote by calling 0800 86 20 958 or entering your vehicle registration and postcode into the Instant Quote Generator on our website and within 60 seconds, your motor will be given a valuation and a whole host of offers from local scrap and salvage dealers will be available for your perusal.

Then, once you’ve accepted one of the offers presented to you, you’ll be put in touch with a collection agent attached to the company that’s purchasing your car or van. With them, you’ll be able to arrange a suitable date and time for the motor to be collected. This collection service is free of charge to all of our customers.

Finally, you simply need to make sure that all of the required paperwork is on hand when the collection time rolls around and hand over any key fobs to the agent picking up your vehicle. They’ll do the rest, including confirming that collection has been completed, allowing your payment to be processed – it should then be in your bank account the same day!

Where Can I Sell My Damaged Vehicle?

When you choose to go through National Scrap Car, the answer to this question is… anywhere! Our extensive network of scrap and salvage dealers and free collection service means that no matter where you live, whether that’s in a dense city centre or a remote hillside village, not only will we be able to find a buyer for your damaged car, we’ll even be able to arrange for it to be picked up from you at no extra charge!

How Do You Get Paid When Selling A Damaged Vehicle?

When you sell your damaged vehicle with National Scrap Car, you’ll be paid the lump sum you’re owed directly into your bank account, with payment processed as soon as the motor has been retrieved by the collector. Therefore, it should end up in your account the very same day!

We realise that some drivers might prefer the instant payment method of cold hard cash, but unfortunately it became illegal for scrap and salvage dealers to purchase cars with ‘paper money’ in 2013. The introduction of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act outlawed this practice in the hope of cracking down on stolen goods (such as cars and vans) being unlawfully sold, with the thieves pocketing the cash and disappearing without a trace.

What Documents Do I Need To Sell My Damaged Vehicle?

As we mentioned above, there are certain documents that you’ll need to present to the collection agent when they arrive to remove your car. These documents are:

  • A form of photo identification – driving licence or passport
  • V5C for the vehicle – also known as the ‘logbook’
  • Service/MOT history – not essential but desirable

You’ll also need to sign section 9 of the V5C, which the collector will be able to assist with, however it will be up to you to ensure the document is sent off to the DVLA. While any service and MOT history is not mandatory, it can help us to properly evaluate the condition of the vehicle and, in turn, get you the most accurate valuation for it.

Sell Your Damaged Vehicle Today!

If your car or van is damaged or broken, it’s likely that selling it as scrap or salvage is the best course of action. National Scrap Car will find you the best price for your motor, offered by professional, licensed Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) and we’ll even arrange for it to be collected at no extra cost, no matter where in the UK you might reside. So, call us today on 0800 86 20 958 or enter your vehicle registration and postcode into our instant quote generator and get your vehicle valued now!