When is the Right Time to Scrap Your Car for Money?

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Scrapping your vehicle is not only a great way to make some extra money, but it’s great for the environment too as the majority of a modern car or van can be recycled. But when should you scrap your vehicle? We’ve put together the top reasons why people choose to scrap their vehicle. It could be time to scrap yours if…

  1. Your Car is Costing You a Fortune to Maintain

    There’s a lot to consider when it comes to running and maintaining a car or van. There’s the cost of fuel, insurance and tax, as well as MOTs, servicing and repairs. If your vehicle is actually costing you a lot to maintain, it could be time to scrap.

  1. Your Car is Very Fuel Inefficient

    Depending on how often you need to fill up your tank, your motor could be quite expensive to run. Instead going through the hassle of selling and finding a genuine and decent quote – look to scrap! Get a price, find a buyer and arrange your collection swiftly from the comfort of your own home. Put the profit of your scrap vehicle towards a motor that is cheaper to run!

  1. Your Car is Unsafe to Drive

    Your vehicle might have failed its MOT, been damaged in an accident, or over time has stopped working and you’re looking for a stress-free way to get rid of it, while also getting some money to scrap it. It could be time to scrap! Sell your MOT failure today.

  1. It’s Time For a Change

    You might find that you don’t use your vehicle as much any more, or you want to free up some extra space on the driveway. If you simply want to get a new car, or want a change then scrapping could be a hassle-free, simple solution.

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Scrap my Car for Money FAQs

Should I Scrap My Car?

This really comes down to you! You could sell your car, but depending on the make, model, age and condition, you might struggle to find a buyer that is interested and for a price that is fair. Not to mention that the whole selling process can take time. On the other hand, scrapping is a great alternative to selling, as it’s simple, hassle-free and offers a quick turnaround. You might be wondering, does it cost money to scrap a car? Nope! The entire process is free. Here at National Scrap Car, we bring the quotes to you, so you can pick the scrap price you want to accept. We’ll then organise the collection of your vehicle when it suits you, and at no extra cost. We’ll do the work for you so you don’t have to waste time finding the perfect deal – the perfect deal is waiting for you!

Is it Worth Fixing a 20 Year Old Car?

This will depend on the overall condition of the car, and what exactly needs to be fixed. A good indicator on whether it’s worth fixing a car is by looking at the cost of repairs against the value. If the car is going to cost more to repair than it’s worth, unless it holds a sentimental value, it could be a good idea to sell or scrap.

What to Do With a Car That is Not Worth Fixing?

You have a few options with a vehicle that’s not worth fixing. You could find a private buyer and sell it, or you could take the hassle-free route of scrapping it. Alternatively you could turn it into a little project, if it’s a collectors car you could hold onto it.

When Scrapping a Car What Payment Should I Accept?

You should always accept a price you want to accept. You don’t have to feel under pressure to accept a low offer if you feel your vehicle is worth more. If you’re unsure on what your car or van could be worth, then use our online price valuation or speak to one of our expert advisors who can discuss your vehicle with you in detail to breakdown the value of the vehicle.

How do I Scrap My Car But Keep My Number Plate?

You will need to contact the DVLA with your v5c in hand and transfer your number plate onto another vehicle that belongs to you. If you don’t have another vehicle to transfer it onto, you will need to apply for a Retention Certificate to hold onto it until you can transfer it. This also applies to personalised number plates.

On the other hand, If your vehicle has unfortunately been written off, the number plate on the vehicle will also be written off. This is because that specific number plate is assigned to that specific car. However, in some cases, you may be able to buy the registration plate back from your insurer or contact the DVLA to see what could be possible.

What Happens to a Number Plate When a Car is Scrapped?

If a number plate is left on a vehicle when scrapped, the number plate gets scrapped too. This means the registration will not go back into circulation and will not ever be assigned to another vehicle in the future. If you wish to keep your number plate, ensure you follow the steps above to avoid it being destroyed.

Car Scrapping for Money Near Me

If you’re looking to get some extra cash for your scrap car, simply enter your details into our free price valuation. We’ll then offer you competitive quotes from our extensive directory of scrap and salvage buyers. We collect hundreds of cars every day across the country using our vast fleet of recovery trucks and only work with the most friendly and courteous drivers. Our collections are free of charge, plus we’ll guarantee the price quoted for your vehicle. You’ll get a hand with the paperwork and get paid quickly. Easy!

Want to find out more or are you unsure of the process? Speak to one of our friendly advisors for more information and to get a quote.