10 Top Reasons you Should Hire a Car Scrapper Company

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It’s a difficult decision when deciding which route to go down when getting rid of a beloved car or van. You’ll always want to get the best price, and through a service and buyer you can trust. So, if you’re new to the concept of scrapping or wondering if it could be the right option for you, we’ve put together our top 10 reasons on why you should hire a car scrapper company, and also let you know how you can get an instant car valuation with our calculator.

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Why Should You Hire a Car Scrapper Company?

  1. Make Money

    Scrapping your vehicle is a great way to make some extra money. Plus, when you scrap with National Scrap Car, you won’t pay a penny – our service is completely free, including our scrap vehicle collections. No longer will you need to haggle for a fair price for your motor, or find a genuine buyer who is serious about the sale. The top prices are waiting at National Scrap Car!

  2. Hassle free

    When it comes to getting rid of the vehicle you no longer want or need, it can be exhausting trying to find the right buyer for it, as well as a decent price. By using a car scrapping service, the hard work is done for you. All you need to do is provide a few details and then pick the price that’s right for you. Your motor will be then collected quickly and efficiently – job done!

  3. Your Vehicle Has Been ‘written off’

    If you’ve found yourself in a position with a vehicle that has been written off, you may be faced with a few options to choose from. The price your insurance company offers you may not be the most appealing, but you shouldn’t have to feel as though you’re under pressure to accept a low offer from your insurance company. Car scrappers like National Scrap Car can offer you a price for any vehicle, no matter the condition. We’ll offer you a top price for your written off vehicle and collect it free of charge.

  4. Save Money on Fuel

    The price of fuel is constantly fluctuating and whether you have a petrol or a diesel, fuel doesn’t come cheap. Depending on how often you use your vehicle, you might find yourself filling up more often than you’d like. If scrapping your motor is an option, you could swap your usual method of transport and invest in another, such as a bicycle. By swapping your car or van for bike, or by car-sharing or using public transport you could save your pennies while also being more eco-friendly!

  5. If your Car or Van is Expensive to Run

    Both cars and scrap vans can end up being too expensive to run and maintain, and sometimes you might think about swapping your vehicle for a cheaper method of transport. When running your car, it’s not only fuel you need to think about, you need to make sure you maintain your tyres, brakes and engine, while also making sure that your fluids are topped up and your lights and instruments are in good working order – and that’s just a few key areas! If you’ve found that your wallet just can’t keep up with your motor, scrapping could be the solution. Not only will you save on the running costs of your car, but you could also pocket some extra cash in the process!

  6. If you Prefer Public Transport

    If you live in a city, or close to public transport, it might be more convenient for you to use bus, train or tube services. You might live in an area where parking is an issue or driving is mainly just sitting in traffic. By using public transport, you can save on the cost of fuel and also take the hassle out of travelling – it’s also more environmentally friendly too!

  7. Your Vehicle May Have Engine Issues

    If your motor is having issues, maybe you’ve got a warning light or two flashing, depending on the age and overall condition of your vehicle, it could be too costly to repair. Selling a car or van with engine issues may be tricky and if you did find the right buyer, the price may not be particularly tempting . However, scrapping is a guaranteed way to get rid of your vehicle, and for a top price too!

  8. You’re Worried About Cheating Scrap Car Dealers

    Scrapping may seem dodgy or unsafe, however over the years the process has been made extra secure by different legislations. This means that by using a legitimate car scrapper, such as National Scrap Car, you won’t run into any dodgy scrap car dealers or scrap metal thieves. Car scrappers like us are an Authorised Treatment Facility, which means we deal with all vehicles responsibly, ethically and legally. Plus, all of our collectors or specialist buyers are fully licenced and have to abide by our strict set of collection terms and conditions.

  9. Exchange Car Parts

    Most parts on a modern car or van can be reused in other vehicles or recycled into something different entirely. The parts on the motor you’re thinking of scrapping could potentially hold a lot of value, and make you an extra profit!

  10. Reliable Service

    When it comes to selling a vehicle, everyone wants the same thing – a quick and easy, reliable experience. It can be hard to find a genuine buyer or find a price for your vehicle that is fair. Why should you settle with low or average offers? You shouldn’t! By using a trusted car scrapping service, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. With plenty of knowledge, experience and trusted reviews, you’ll experience a smooth process, reliable buyers and a high price for your motor, regardless of the condition. With National Scrap Car, we’ll also offer you a hand with the paperwork and collect your vehicle free of charge – you won’t pay a penny for our respectable service.

Related FAQs 

What Can I do With a Car That isn’t Worth Fixing?

If your motor has reached the stage where the cost of fixing is higher than the vehicle is actually worth, you might want to consider getting rid of it all together. If this is the case, you also might find that selling it through the traditional methods is tricky and you won’t see a good return for it. That being said, scrapping could be the answer to your car troubles. Not only do UK car scrappers collect any vehicle in any condition, but with National Scrap Car, we will also give you the highest price possible for your vehicle. Our scrap buyers are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, they know the value in an end of life vehicle and the potential a scrap car has – this is why we can offer you a top price.

How Do You Get Rid of a Car that Doesn’t Run?

You can find specific websites, or join groups on social media with people who are interested in non-runners. You can also try to sell privately to a dealer, garage or car-loving enthusiast, however you might not see a pretty profit if the motor doesn’t run. Scrapping is another option as even vehicles that no longer run can be given a fair price, plus be collected hassle-free.

What Happens to a Number Plate When a Car is Scrapped?

If the reason you’re scrapping your is because your motor has been written off, the number plate that is registered with that vehicle will be scrapped too. However, if you get in touch with the DVLA quickly, you may be able to reclaim the registration plate.

If you’re scrapping because your vehicle is old, unwanted or failed its MOT, you can keep hold of the number plate if you wish, however you must go through the DVLA to arrange this – the same goes for private number plates. Failure to do this before the vehicle is scrapped means that you will most likely lose the number plate.

How Do I Find the Salvage Value of My Car

Like the value of anything, prices can vary due to a number of different factors. However, at National Scrap Car we use our knowledge and expertise along with the current price of steel to offer you the fairest price for your motor, whether it’s in scrap or salvage value.

Salvage cars will be priced based on current demand for parts and any specialist interest. To get your free motor valuation today and see what your car or van is worth simply enter your postcode and registration number into our calculator and we’ll tell you what your vehicle is worth. We’ll then arrange a hassle-free collection at no extra charge – our service is 100% free!

Got any questions? Contact our skilled in house team for more information.