Dumping Cars is Getting More Common

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Dumping cars is getting more common

It may be hard to understand why, but dumping cars is getting more common – why dump your old car when National Scrap Car will pay you cash for it.

In the present economic climate, we all need to save money wherever we can, and if an old car fails its MOT and it needs a lot a work for it to pass, the owner might just not have the funds to repair it.  This together with fuel price increases, annual increases of insurance and road tax, means that some people can no longer afford to keep a car on the road.  This is part of the reason there has been such a large increase of the amount of motorbikes on UK roads, they are cheaper to maintain, cheaper to insure, cheaper to tax and use less fuel.

The consequences of dumping cars

The consequences of cars being dumped can be dire and can include:

  • Becoming an eyesore for local residents ruining any pleasant views they may have
  • They are a danger if children are tempted to play in them – it is not unknown for a child to be locked in the boot of an abandoned car
  • Often get vandalised and set on fire which is a health hazard
  • Vandalised or burnt out vehicles can leak dangerous chemicals
  • The cost of having the dumped car removed falls on the local council.  Their resources are already stretched and if they need extra money for this type of problem they just increase the rates – so indirectly we all pay for the dumped cars to be removed.

The way to get a dumped car removed

It should be quite easy, contact the local council and let them know about the abandoned car.  Stress to them the dangers involved in leaving it where it is, and how unpleasant it is for the local community.  They should be able to give you some time scale for the removal. You can find all the necessary details here.

The alternative to dumping a car

If you or anyone you know is considering dumping a car contact us first to discuss it, you will find we are a much better alternative.  We will:

  • Arrange free collection, anytime and anywhere that is convenient for you
  • No matter which part of the UK you live, we cover it
  • We guarantee the price we offer and pay on collection
  • We pay top prices for end of life vehicles
  • We do not charge collection fees
  • All DVLA forms will be completed on collection
  • We will supply a Certificate of Destruction
  • We use Environment Agency approved recycling facilities

National Scrap Car know the values

National Scrap Car know that the value of car scrap fluctuates daily, so they make sure their in house team monitor these values constantly.  This is so they and you can be sure you are being offered the best available price for your scrap car.

Phone our freephone number, 0800 86 20 958, and speak to one of our advisors.  They will take a few details such as the registration number, and want to know what condition the vehicle in is in.  They will then work out a price for you, which you are free to accept or decline – you are under no obligation to do either.  You will find our team to be friendly but professional, and they will help you all they can.

If you are happy with the price, we will arrange collection at a time convenient to you.  Our scrap vehicle collection service is among the best on the market, we pride ourselves in giving the highest quality customer service, and collecting your car is part of that service.