The Options Available if Your Car is Written Off

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When an insurance company tells you that your car is a total loss, or write off as it is more generally known, they may be right and your car may never make it back onto the roads. Before they make you an offer for the vehicle, it is categorized into one of four categories agreed, under a code of practice, between insurance companies, DVLA, Trading Standards and the Department of Transport.  These are:

  1. Severely damaged vehicles fit only for scrap
  2. Vehicles can be broken up for spare parts
  3. Vehicles that can be safely repaired, but costs would exceed pre-accident value
  4. Includes where repairs would be less than the pre-accident value of the vehicle

The insurer will arrange an engineer’s inspection, and make a decision after seeing the engineers report.  The offer they make is often a disappointment to the owner, particularly if they have not owned the car for very long.  The insurers offer will probably be nowhere near what they paid just a few months before.

Find out more about the insurance write-off categories here.

You can challenge their offer

You do not have to accept the first offer the insurer makes, in fact they are probably surprised when drivers do.  You can challenge the amount they are offering, but you need to gather all your evidence together first.

  1. All the receipts for tyres, new parts, servicing and any repairs can be useful
  2. Find an accurate valuation from a reputable sources such as Parkers or Glasses Guide
  3. Look for adverts on the net, in local papers and magazines for your vehicle type, year and a similar mileage if possible.

You may well find after doing this research, that their offer is not so bad after all, but if you are still not happy with their price, you should challenge it, request a higher amount.  We would suggest, that to start with at least, you do this in a friendly manner, just ask them to reconsider in view of your evidence, and see what response you get.

The other option – unsurance buyback

If your car falls into category A (previously cat C) – vehicles that can be safely repaired, but costs would exceed pre-accident value – then you may be able to get cash for it over and above the insurance settlement.

Even if an insurance company will not pay for the repairs to a damaged car that does not mean someone else won’t.  Sometimes, buying a damaged but repairable car is a better option than buying another car for the same money, but not the quality.  This particularly applies if the purchasers can do much of the repair work themselves, and especially if second hand parts are available. Find out more about insurance buy backs here.

All damaged cars have a value

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Damaged cars

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Scrap cars

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