When is a Motor Vehicle Considered Scrap?

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Should your car be scrapped?

There is no definitive list of what makes a car scrap, but the environment agency defines it as: if someone intends or is required to discard the vehicle, it is scrap.  Most of them arrive at this situation because they need too much money spending on them to keep them roadworthy and legal, such as the work needed to get them through the MOT.  As cars get older the insurance can be more than the value of the car, add the road tax, and sometimes it is just too much. Sometimes the owner has to consider whether it’s worth paying out the money, or whether they better off cutting their losses and calling National Scrap Car who will pay them money for it.

One mans scrap is another mans gold

Sometimes, what is scrap to one person is a good car to put back on the road to another. Perhaps someone who can do some of the required work himself or herself, or just someone who finds it cheaper to repair your car than buy another one.

That is exactly why National Scrap Car will sometimes sell your car on rather than scrap it, with your knowledge and agreement of course. We even have a ‘sell my damaged car’ service. Damaged but repairable cars can have considerably more value than the scrap value, either for the parts within them, or because someone wants to restore it to use. There is a large market for repairable cars; many DIY motorist and mechanics love the challenge of returning a vehicle to its previous condition, often using second hand parts to achieve this.

Insurance write offs are not always scrap

An insurance company writes off a car because it feels the cost of repairing it is more than the value of the car.  What you have to remember is that the quote for the repair will have come from one of their approved garages, all-new parts will have been quoted for and the labour costs are probably very high.  This doesn’t mean that someone could not repair it a lot cheaper, and for this reason insurance write offs can be popular cars to sell in our ‘sell my damaged car’ section.

Try our car insurance writeoff calculator and see if you are missing out on £££.

National Scrap Car will match the other quotes

We will arrange for your car to be collected free of charge at a time to suit you.  Then we will seek the best possible price, although steel prices can differ from day to day so prices we offer can differ too.  But, if you are offered more than we are offering you, we will match the offer providing it is from another reputable operator.

Your car will usually be collected within a day or so; we like to complete the process as quickly as we can for all concerned. If your car is a damaged repairable, we will let you know how much the potential purchaser is prepared to pay for it, and if it is at the end of its life, you can rest assured that it will be disposed of in a environmentally friendly manner following the rules and regulations that all ATF’s have to adhere to. All ELV’s will receive a certificate of destruction, and we never sell a car without the owner’s permission to do so.

Fully licenced collectors

All our collectors are fully licensed and have to comply with our strict set of guidelines, and the collection terms and conditions.  We can confirm that:

  1. All collections will be free of any charge
  2. Every endeavor will be made to arrive at the time and place agreed
  3. We will collect from anywhere in the UK
  4. We will complete all the DVLA forms
  5. We will pay the tops prices, and guarantee them once quoted

Call us on 0800 86 20 958, you will find the team to be friendly and helpful, ready to help you through the processes of scrapping or selling your car.