How to tax a car without a V5C

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Taxing a car is only possible if you are the current registered owner and keeper of the vehicle, so taxing a car without the proof that you are indeed the registered owner or keeper makes this a little bit trickier to do.

What is a V5C?

The V5C, or vehicle registration document, is the official paperwork that registers you as the owner of the car to the DVLA. The data included on the form details your motor, such as date it was first registered, its manufacturer, its colour and the size of its engine, and also includes your details as the registered keeper.

The V5C form is often recognisable as the hugely important red booklet that you receive after buying a new car – these forms used to be blue, in fact, but after a spate of burglaries in 2006 saw a hike in fraudulent forms, they were rebranded to the red we see today in 2014.

Can I view my V5C online?

No, you cannot ‘view’ a V5C online. You can, however, order a duplicate copy of your V5C from the DVLA so that you have a backup in the event of, or to guard against loss, theft or damage of this key document. It’s important to note that you can’t order a duplicate copy if you’re looking to change any details or if you don’t have the vehicle in your possession. It currently costs £25 to order a copy of your V5C.

What do I do if I’ve lost my V5C?

Losing a V5C is not uncommon and they can often be one of the regular things to go missing during a house move or in the clearing out of a garage. If your V5C is either lost, stolen or damaged, or if it still hasn’t arrived to you around four weeks after buying a new car, then you can reapply for one from the DVLA. We go into more detail about what to do when you’ve lost a V5C.

Once you have filled out the form and paid the relevant fee, your new log book will be sent out to you – the DVLA aims to send all books out as soon as possible, with a standard waiting time of 4-6 weeks.

Do I have to pay for a new V5C?

In most cases, reapplying for a V5C isn’t free, and will likely cost you £25 in administration charges to the DVLA. You will need to fill out a V62 “applying for a vehicle registration certificate” form, which again is available online and relatively simple to complete. If you cannot access the form online you can also send a hard copy of the form to the DVLA in Swansea or order one over the phone.

The only instances where you will not have to pay for a new log book is if you’re a new keeper and you still have the relevant section from the previous logbook, or your previous logbook was destroyed by your insurers following a Category C or S insurance write-off.

Can I tax a car without a V5C?

If you are certain you have no V5C, or are still waiting for the new one to arrive, then it is still possible to pay for car tax without the document, providing you have either the V11 tax renewal reminder or a “last chance” reminder letter. However, if you have neither of these then you will need to apply for a new V5C via the V62 form.

So while it’s not impossible to tax the car without a V5, it certainly makes the entire process much simpler, likewise when it comes to scrapping the motor – a V5C is not essential, but it makes things a lot easier.

Can I tax a car without a V11 reminder?

Yes, you can tax your car without a V11 reminder. A V11 reminder is simply a document from the DVLA reminding you that your car tax is up for renewal. All you need in order to tax your car is a V5C, a V62 application for a new V5C, or a green ‘new keeper’ slip if you’re waiting for your V5C to arrive.

Can I tax a vehicle with a V62?

No, you cannot tax a vehicle using a V62 form. This form is used to apply for a new V5C. The times to use a V62 include: when you’ve bought a vehicle in the last four weeks and have not received the V5C in your name, or because your original V5C is lost or damaged. You can collect a V62 at the Post Office.

Can I insure a car without a V5C?

As above, having a V5C certainly helps make the process of insuring a car much easier than it would be without it. Some insurers do require the V5C before they will offer you a policy, but this will be more to confirm that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle than for any other reason, while some will offer you the policy first, just asking that the V5C proof is sent at a later date. Again, while it’s not essential, you may find that you are offered better quotes further down the line if the car has its V5C, so for the sake of a one-off cost of £25 it’s often better just to get the replacement book.

Are you thinking that now may be the right time to start looking at saying goodbye to your tired old motor? If you are looking to scrap your car and can’t locate your V5C, then it’s important to let one of our advisers know as soon as possible, as this could have an effect on the quote you are given for your car.

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