Beware of Scrap Car Scammers

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Scrap Car Advice Which Will Help You Avoid Any Pitfalls

National Scrap car understands the importance of having your vehicle scrapped at a reputable scrap yard, however not everyone is aware of the issues that can arise by not using someone that you can trust.

A recent news story from Warwickshire has shown just what can happen if you use an unregistered and un-monitored scrap dealer.

In fact, Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service has issued a warning to local residents as a result of the scrap scam in the area, and whilst this is relevant to those living within Warwickshire attention should be paid to this by those all around the UK.

Many people have reported that their car was handed over to the company in good faith, only to discover that not only were they not being paid for the car they handed over, but they were also being fined for cars that they believed were no longer their responsibility. These cars were receiving penalty points for motoring offences, parking fines and also DVLA fines for not having proper tax or insurance.

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Rogue scrap dealers

In the majority of cases the rogue scrap dealers have been found on the internet, and in further investigation many appeared to have used false names and addresses in order to complete their dodgy dealings. This made it incredibly hard for the police/trading standards to locate the dealers and rectify the situation for the customer.

In the light of these issues the local trading standards some very good advice that we believe should be passed onto every person who is looking to have their car scrapped.

Use an ATF

Always have your car scrapped at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) These facilities will only dismantle and dispose of cars in a way that is recognised as environmentally friendly and adheres to the guidance set out.

Once you have handed over your car to the car scrapper ensure that you receive a Certificate of Destruction within 7 days. This paperwork is the only way that you will be able to prove that you have arranged for the car to be destroyed.

It is the responsibility of the ATF to advise the DVLA of the change in status of the vehicle. After this you will need to send of the V5C/3 to the DVLA and around 4 weeks after you should have received a letter to confirm that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle.
Failure in these steps being completed can cost you money, in fact the automatic fine for not having your car taxed or declared as SORN is £80 but can cost you up to £1000.

The only way to be safe in the knowledge that you are not going to be left out of pocket is to make sure that you use an ATF.

Top Scrap car scams

Here are the top 3 scams that people commonly fall prey to.

  • False quotes – Providing a quote for collection to draw you in with no intention of paying that price
  • Haggling on price – Agreeing a price then haggling upon collection. It’s essential to use a company who will guarantee their quote
  • Not using an ATF – your car may be scrapped illegally

National Scrap Car – The Professionals

This is why National Scrap Car only use professional dealers, those who understand the nature of the business and the associated paperwork and legal documentation that is required. Why risk becoming another victim like those above, have your car scrapped the National Scrap Car way!

If you are interested in learning more about scrap scams to look out for you can follow the link.