How to Sell Your Car for Spares and Repairs

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If you’ve ever got to a point where you’re starting to feel like it is time to scrap your car, but, if aside from one too-expensive-to-fix fault, the motor is in a somewhat salvageable state, then you could look into stripping it for spares and repairs before sending it on its final journey.

Can you sell a car for spares?

Simply put, yes, you can. Selling a car or van for spares and repairs can often be a better way to make money off a motor that you are looking to offload and you may get more in the long run to sell individual parts than you would if you were to sell outright.

It is also worth looking into the cost of repairs before selling privately or to a dealership, which will help you weigh up the pros and cons of selling, repairing and give you an idea of any budget implications that come up for a new car.

Pile of scrap cars in a breakers yard

How do you sell a car for spares and repairs?

If you are able to break the car apart yourself, and have the tools at your disposal to do so, you will likely get a better price overall for the parts online. Should any of the parts be damaged during this process, however, you will find that the value will take a dramatic dive, so make sure you are absolutely confident in your abilities before you begin any work yourself.

The easiest option by far is to sell your motor for spares to a scrapyard, who will be able to do all the dismantling once they have the car in their possession, but you may get less than if you were able to do the breaking apart yourself.

What parts should I be selling?

Anything that you can keep intact will always find a buyer somewhere, but if you can keep the larger pieces kept together, naturally these will likely fetch you the best price. Front and rear wings will usually get you a tidy sum, while any electrical items, such as any GPS or radios are always some of the most valuable pieces. The engine, doors, air bags, wheels, tyres, mirrors and tail lamps are also popular choices and can bring a little bit more cash your way.

Where do I sell my car for spares and repairs?

If you are looking to offload your entire car, then going to your local scrap yards for a quote is the first port of call – or look online for price comparison websites, who can often help find you the best price in your area and even help with collection of your broken vehicles.

If you’ve broken your motor apart yourself and are looking to sell individual items, then delving into the world of online forums could well be the fastest route for you to empty your workshop. Nearly all manufacturers and specific models of car will have their own forums full of other owners looking for incredibly specific parts, particularly if they’re not current models with parts readily available.

For some of the larger pieces, popular online sales sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or eBay, the latter of which is always a good barometer when searching for pricing inspiration.

How much can I make if I sell my car for spare parts?

If ever there was an open-ended question, this is it. The amount that you can make from your motor is dependent on a number of factors, most notably on the make and model of your car itself. If you have the time, and somewhere to store parts safely, then selling the car for individual parts will make you more money, but it will take time, and could seem a more frustrating option than the instant cash option of scrapping.

Should I sell for spares or scrap?

While it is likely that you will make more money breaking a car for parts and selling for spares, it is undeniably easier and often much cheaper to go down the scrappage route.

If you choose to scrap your car or van, you must go through a scrapyard or go to an Authorised Treatment Facility licensed by the Environment Agency and you must also inform the DVLA that you have scrapped your car. Failure to do so could result in a £1000 fine, and it is illegal to have your motor scrapped anywhere other than a licenced facility. To take any of the stress or hassle of these away, National Scrap Car can help, and can provide everything you need within a minute using our quick and easy quote generator.