Top iPhone apps for your car

The top apps to enhance your journey 

There are very few areas of our lives that have not been affected by the sudden technological advances of mobile phones in the last few years.  The shift from a device that can make calls and send basic messages, to a device that can: browse the web; send and receive emails; organise your calendar and sync this with your laptop or pc; play music; be used as a GPS or satellite navigation device; take photographs and instantly share them and also connect to the internet anywhere in the world where there is 3G.  All this is before you start to explore the world of apps.

The Apple app store is one of the innovations that totally changed the way smart phones work.  It paved the way for 3rd party companies to develop software for the increasingly powerful smart phones in order to unlock their full capabilities.  For every area of our lives there is now an app to measure, record, enhance and entertain.  It will come as no surprise that there are countless apps available to enhance the experience of driving. Whether the focus is on safety or just to make life a little easier, there are plenty of different ones to choose from.  Below is a selection of the best.

Carticipate is an app that lets drivers and non-drivers connect with each other to promote car pooling and co-operative travel.  The app allows users to identify if another user is about to take a similar journey and is intended to save the driver and the passenger money.  There are also environmental benefits with less individual journeys being made

iGasUp is an app that uses GPS location data to identify the cheapest gas or petrol stations in the local area

Trapster identifies the location of speed cameras and alerts you if there are any on your route.  This is also available for many sat-nav devices, however the additional benefit of Trapster, is that it allows users to update the location of mobile police cameras that don’t show up on traditional systems.

TripAlyzer is brilliant for those who like to have every aspect of their lives catalogued and accounted for.  The app will track your vehicle movements via GPS and will give information on all sorts of aspects of driving such as fuel efficiency and carbon footprint.

Inrix Traffic will keep you up-to-date on all the latest traffic information.  With a great community of users keeping the app regularly updated, you will find that you are able to travel the best routes to avoid the traffic.

Parker has the potential to revolutionise the way you park your car.  No more searching for a space and driving around for hours trying to find one. (Probably only 5 minutes, but it feels like hours).  Parker will give you a rooftop view of you location and help you find that perfect parking place.

Tom-Tom needs no introduction.  The go-to manufacturer for GPS sat-nav devices is also available as an app.  Turn your smart phone into a Tom-Tom instantly with all the great features such as lane navigation and 3D routes.

GoPoint is a vehicle diagnostic testing app that allows you to determine faults on your car much like a mechanic would do if you took your car to the garage.

As you can see, no matter what your interest in cars is, or even if you don’t have a car, there is the perfect app for you!