No False Promises from National Scrap Car

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No false promises from National scrap Car

At National Scrap car we do not make false promises – we don’t need to.  We are a reputable company within the industry and our network of Authorised Treatment Facilities ensures that we are able to offer the best price for your scrap car.

Promise 1

We will not charge you to collect your vehicle. National Scrap car are not like the conmen who promise you no collection fees, turn up on your doorstep, and then will not take your car unless you pay for the collection.  This can make a big hole in the amount they are offering and is totally unethical.

Promise 2

It does not matter to us where you live in the UK.  Whether it is Lands End, London, Birmingham, Scotland or Wales – we have a nationwide network of collectors, someone to cover every part of England, Scotland, Wales and anywhere else in the UK that we have not mentioned.

Promise 3

The collection time and place are totally your choice.  If you are out at work, at the hairdressers, visiting the doctors or its time for a bath, it is of no consequence to us. Just say when and where and one of our collectors will be there, ready to take your old car away.

Promise 4

We will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction.  Without this, you are still liable for road tax and any penalties incurred.  The certificate lets DVLA know that you are no longer responsible and that the vehicle is being scrapped.  This is a scam often used by rogue traders who say they will send you the certificate later and you never hear from them again.  Next thing you know – parking fines, speeding fines and reminders for road tax – not good and the sort of thing that in times gone by has contributed to the mistrust the public have in our industry – and it’s just the type of thing National Scrap Car are trying to stamp out, by rebuilding the trust we deserve. Discover more about the most common scrap scams and how to avoid them.

Promise 5

We pay top prices and once quoted guarantee the offer.  Our collection agents will not turn up and start to argue because there are a few marks on the car.  The vehicle is being scrapped after all, what do a few scratches matter?  If a scrap car collector does argue with you over the condition, beware – they would only be bothered about the state of the car if they intended to use it on the road.  The guaranteed price for your car will be paid when it is collected.

Promise 6

You can be safe in the knowledge that the scrapping of your car will not harm the environment.  Up to 85% of the vehicle will be recycled in one way or another. Engines, gearboxes and tyres all have other uses or can be reconditioned and re-used.  In fact nearly 50 million tyres a year are disposed of in the UK alone – if most of these were not recycled, we would have huge stockpiles of old tyres all over the country.

Promise 7

Very simple really – we will not break any of the above promises.

Contact one of our advisors on 0800 86 20 958.  They will talk you through the process and within a few minutes let you know the amount we can offer for your car.  Or you can put the details into our website and find the price that way.  Whichever you decide to do, we promise you will not regret using National Scrap Car for the disposal of your old car.

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