A Greener Car For A Greener Future?

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Will having a greener car result in a greener future for us all? Check out our article about the subject.

Considering the publics opinion on the best way to approach reducing our vehicles carbon emissions.

Scientists have stated that if we, as people, do not reduce our carbon emissions by 2050 then the climatic changes that will face our fragile planet will be massive. We all have a part to play in this planet’s future, and need to look at our own carbon emissions. With this in mind, cars, something that the majority of households around the country own and their carbon footprint have been big news for many years now. There have been many discussions about the best way to go about tackling this issue, and a recent survey completed by What Car? Magazine has shown that perhaps economically friendly hybrid cars are not the most popular method.

In fact surprisingly of the 1,500 people that were asked, around 30% of them said that they would rather invest in a hybrid car then consider offsetting their vehicles emissions, whilst 40% were leaning towards the offsetting plan.

Despite this statistic these speciality vehicles were at a record high throughout the UK in 2012, with their numbers making up around 1.4% of the total car market. This rise in purchases is most probably due to the government incentives that were offered, however it is a fact that these hybrid cars are more expensive than their less economically minded counterparts, in some cases this can be as much as £50,000, a considerable difference in anyone’s pocket.

So the other option that can be looked it is carbon offsetting, but what does it mean?

Carbon offsetting is a method of reducing your carbon footprint. Money will be paid, by you, to a project that is dedicated to helping solve the current crises caused by the emission of greenhouse gases. These projects range in size and type, and include wind farms, hydroelectric dams and reforestation.

THe cost of carbon offsetting the typical family runaround is surprisingly small, in fact it is estimated to be only around £10 for the entire year, and in some cases less than half that amount. Perhaps carbon offsetting, it’s benefits and costs are not completely understood by those that hold the power to use it, the general public.

This survey would definitely point to this being the case. It showed that many people who would consider offsetting as an option to reduce their carbon footprint estimated this amount incorrectly, with many stating that they believed the amount to be £47 for the year, which is an incredible difference in cost.

Whichever method you decide is best for you the important part is that you are taking those all important steps towards being in charge of your own carbon footprint, we need one big change, but all it takes is millions of little changes for this to happen. Make sure you are carbon aware today!