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How to fix your car without breaking the bank

Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibility. Unfortunately, because cars are complicated machines which often breakdown and have problems, you may find yourself without a vehicle if your current one packs in. If you’re not a car mechanic or do not have a great deal of knowledge on cars, it can become a problem if you find yourself in this situation. However, do not automatically think that fixing your car is going to cost a lot of money. There are many ways you can get advice on your car problems without breaking the bank:

Look on the Internet

There are many car forums and car websites on the Internet which are brimming with faultfinding and mechanical minded people who will be more than willing to help you. On some of these forums, such as Auto Insider, you can post your problem and any description that you can come up with about the problems that your car is encountering, and within a day or two you will probably receive some replies from people who either own the same car and have a solution to this problem, or know a lot about cars and could help you fault find. It may be a simple problem that you can overcome yourself, in which case you are unlikely to spend a lot of money at a car garage.

Ask someone who can ask someone

More often than not, somewhere down the line of friendships there will be a mechanic who may be able to help you answer some questions on your car problems. If you do not have a friend as a mechanic, ask around and you will probably find that somebody knows somebody who could help you. Just a friendly ear or a word of advice may be all you need to help diagnose your car problems and solve them sufficiently. Ask around at your place of work, or perhaps members of your family could ask around their workplace.

Reputable car garages

Not everybody wants to take you for a ride. There are many reputable car garages around where mechanics will offer you advice for free. Now, finding these garages may prove difficult if you do not know a lot about the local area. Again, this is a situation where you can ask friends or family for advice, and someone should be able to recommend a reputable mechanic to you. Some mechanics will look over your car and not charge you for the privilege. If you do not know anybody, check online and you will be able to find services which are rated by recent customers. Check out this website, for instance. Here, you can read recent reviews that give you an idea of how the garage works and the mechanics that work there too. Look out for ads on gumtree as well.

Look for self-employed people

Self-employed mechanics can be a lot cheaper than the larger commercial garages. If you can find a self-employed mechanic, you may be able to get them to look over your car and they can be on hand in the future if any new problems arise. They may also be able to give you advice on finding a new car, if your old car is no longer efficient or roadworthy.

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