Changing a tyre- do you know what you’re doing?

The do’s and dont’s of changing a tyre. 

Need to change a tyre? Make sure you know what you’re doing, and if you’re really stuck – don’t attempt to change the tyre and seek a professional to help you. It might sound easy, but actually changing a tyre can prove difficult! Here are some top tips for changing a tyre on your vehicle.

Look around you

Firstly, make sure your environment is good for changing the tyre. Don’t try to change a wheel on the hard shoulder or near traffic. Pull into a safe space. Also, don’t try to change a tyre on uneven ground. 

Get the right tools

You should have a handbook so that you can see where to attach the jack, as well as, of course, the jack itself, the tyre itself and you’ll probably want gloves, a wheel-nut wrench, a torch and some cutters to remove cable ties if there are any. If you don’t have everything you need, you won’t be able to change the tyre and you should call a car breakdown service. In fact, companies like the RAC have dedicated tyre repair mobile services designed to help you when you find yourself with a flat.

Next Steps

Got everything you need to change your tyre? Great. Now, switch off the engine and put on the handbrake. Then, remove the wheel trim and place the jack in the recommended lifting point (as highlighted in the handbook). You can then extend the jack until it lifts the car.

After the car is lifted, you can then slacken off the wheel nuts and remove the old tyre. Make sure you dispose of the old tyre as soon as possible safely.

Fitting the new tyre

Fitting the new tyre needs to start with refitting the top bolt first, and then tightening all the nuts in order. You can then lower the wheel into place and tighten the nuts. Check the pressure of the new tyre, and ensure everything is secure and the new wheel nuts are all in place.


Many people have a “skinny tyre” as their spare tyre- designed to get them home but not for continual use. Tyres like this are limited to 50mph and should be replaced as soon as possible.

If you need more help, watch this handy video on how to change a tyre.