Car Accessories that Have Changed our Driving Experience

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The car industry has come a long way since it began over a century ago and now there are more car related accessories and gadgets than ever before. 


The car industry has come a long way since it began over a century ago and now there are more car related accessories and gadgets than ever before. From innovations in tyre and car frame technology to inventions of new gadgets, there has been a revolutionary change.  Some of the most useful accessories around include:

Perhaps one of the most useful of car gadgets to have appeared on the markets is that of satellite navigation equipment in the form of GPS navigation technology. It first came in the markets in 1990 but it only became commercially successful close to 8 years later with the introduction of the Berlin RCM003, which in itself took a long time to fit and was a whopping £3000. It was in 2000 that satellite navigation became easier to use and more affordable, and in 2002 voice direction navigation systems became available. In 2004 the first portable sat-nav was introduced which made it part of the standard equipment in vehicles.

Another great invention has been the introduction of winter tyres which is especially a hit with drivers in wet and slippery conditions. Although Goodyear manufactured them as far back as 1971 they really picked up in popularity in later years. The latest versions match their counterparts in variety, with the grip being excellent in freezing conditions and the addition of silica in the production materials. This makes the rubber more flexible and improves its grip on wet and slippery roads which leads to a rise in fuel savings.

With the introduction of halogen headlamps in the nineties, visibility for drivers in dim and dark driving conditions was improved. From xenon to led lamps, performance bulbs have improved vastly in quality and made driving more convenient and safer for night drivers.

Bluetooth technology has certainly progressed a long way since its inception in 1994 by Ericsson, to share data. The hands-free versions came in the markets in ‘97 with Audi beating the competition in being the first to install it in their cars. The new improved hand-free versions have the latest software which gives a superior performance in terms of quality of sound.

In-car digital music has revolutionised listening to music in our cars. Most cars came with cassette players with just a select few having CD players installed in them. Then the digital revolution occurred which popularised dedicated MP3 players, which have now become an essential part of music systems in all cars.


If you are looking for a new car, choosing one that has some of these accessories is a great idea. Some are built in, especially in newer models, but if yours does not come with any then you can always buy some to add in at a later date. They also make great gifts for other people, especially those who travel on the road a lot!